Happy Holidays?

The holidays are fast approaching…well might as well say they are here. I am sort of in between the spirit at the moment because Tay isn’t here. It won’t be the same spending the holiday in the house without him. This is our first Christmas in “OUR” house. I mean I get excited when I am shopping for Kyleigh and imagining what her reaction will be like when she sees her toys but that is about it. I know I should think positive and keep my spirits up for Kyleigh’s sake because at least she and I have each other, so I am going to try and do better. My parents are going to come and spend the holiday with us so we will be surrounded by family which is good because otherwise I would be singing my rendition of What do the lonely do at Christmas.
Tay will be home early June (we hope) and at least for a little while our family will be intact, until he goes to Afghanistan in 09 and then here we go again. I will take it day by day from now on and try to continue to focus on the here and now!

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