Nappy or Natural?

So, lately I’ve been playing around the idea of growing out my relaxer and going “natural” however I think my definition of natural may be somewhat different than those of the many websites and blogs I’ve visited. Everyone seems to have this happy to be nappy attitude and are against wearing the natural, chemical free hair straightened at all. I’m not sure if truly being natural means shunning straight hair and embracing my curly roots or not but somehow I feel like if I am going to press my hair I won’t be looked at as truly having a natural style. One of the ladies trying to help me make the decision to go on this chemical free journey told me that some people refer to ceramic irons as the flaming hot tool or something of that nature. I am a week away from time for my next relaxer and if I am going to go through with this new process then I want to start as soon as possible.

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