Goodbye 2007….

Well it is New Year’s Eve… and I have no major plans, funny as it may seem though my hubby is celebrating right now in Iraq. In about an hour it will be 2008 for him and we’ll be one day closer to his return.

Overall I would have to say while this year I’ve been pushed to the limit, I have survived. I don’t have any resolutions for the upcoming year and honestly I never make them because most of the time I tend to forget about them not long afterwards. Making resolutions tends to require too much effort on my part because I have to think to hard about what it is I’d like to change. So none of that this year I am going to do this or that, instead of talking about it I am going to just do it! I hope…

There are several things I am looking forward to in 2008 though; My 30th birthday (Feb 10th), Our second wedding anniversary (March 18th), the husband’s return (June ?). It’s not going to be as fun celebrating both my birthday and my anniversary alone but hey, I’ve made it this far so I am extremely grateful and full of optimism for the days to come.


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