Beauty and Goodness

Think of the most beautiful thing you’ve ever witnessed, and multiply it by a thousand. What you then have is only a small, barely detectable fraction of the magnificent creation that is life. What if you could experience the full beauty and goodness of life in one instant? You would surely and uncontrollably weep with tears of pure joy at the realization. And there is something you would know, without the slightest doubt. That no problem, no challenge, no difficulty, no pain can ever really diminish the wonder and grandeur that is life. There is a truth you would understand, in a way surpassing all thoughts and words, and it is this. Although the difficulties are very real, they are also very small when compared to the positive possibilities. It pays to continually put things in perspective. For the more ground your perspective encompasses, the more valuable opportunities you’ll have to live with genuine richness. Choose as your perspective the wondrous and ever-expanding beauty of life. Within that golden territory, you’ll find all the goodness and value you could ever desire.

— Ralph Marston

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