No Air

My husband has been deployed to Iraq for 1 year and 9 days. His return is so close and yet so far away. As it stands he is due to return of May and while I know April is upon us and before I know it May will be here its justs not happening fast enough!
Deployments are always hard, but I think the loneliness can be eased by the support of family and friends. There are times that I feel my circle is tight and strong while others I feel utterly and completely alone. I have great girlfriends; however as we are all making the great leap into our thirties we are all going through life altering situations which unfortunately doesn lend us much time to socialize. Within the last six months one friend has gotten married and four have given birth so needless to say time for gossip and idle chatter is reduced to a minimum.
Just a few weeks ago I surprised myself on Monday morning when I realized that I’d not left the house the entire weekend. This would be ok if it were only me, but being shut in I know also affects my daughter who just happens to be a HUGE ball of energy. Its kinda like she drank a red bull and followed it with a double shot of expresso so spending an entire weekend with her inside is like an adventure. The realization that I’d stayed in for 2 days allowed me to see just how isolated I’ve allowed myself to become since my hubby isn’t here. I wish I could say that I’ve had an epiphany and from now on my weekends will be filled with activity and fun, but knowing myself like I do I probably will continue as I have until my honey comes home.
This third deployment has given me even more time to reflect and I’ve come to realize just how much I miss having my husband here with me. Things at home run much smoother when he’s here and this time without him has been something akin to chaos. I am so thankful that this separation is almost over and I cannot wait to get some much needed quality time with my husband!

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