My Uneducated Palate…

So my new favorite reality series is Top Chef. How I didn’t get in on the first three seasons I don’t know, but now I am on board and sad that it is almost coming to an end. My favorite chef, Dale was eliminated about 2 shows ago so now I am torn between Richard and Stephanie..

Watching this show I’ve learned just how sheltered I am when it comes to food. I guess we all have our comfort zones and foods. Being raised in the south I am used to “soul” food and as I’ve gotten older I’ve discovered a love of Italian food…which may not be truly authentic Italian but all the same I do love to try those deliciously rich cheese filled dishes!

So! I’ve made a decision that I am going to branch out and educate my poor uneducated palate, now that’s not to say I am going to be dining on seared tuna and jicama but I am on my way to trying new things! My “tape worm” that my friend Maritza says I have, is going to be very excited!

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