Back up off me!!!

Dear __________ ,

I know you mean well or perhaps you think you’re funny, but honestly you are annoying me! Yes I know I am ONLY 3 months pregnant and I also know that I am not really showing; however I know my body. Yes I am wearing roomier clothes because I want to be comfortable and I don’t particularly like wearing fitted shirts that are all up on my stomach and though it is only slightly protruding it really just looks like I have a gut right now which is not a good look in my opinion, you know the one that matters!!!

While I am on my soapbox let me go ahead and say this before you go there because guaranteed I am not going to be able to hold my tongue much longer and these hormones are a beast, refrain from telling me about what I should or shouldn’t be doing or how this is normal blah, blah, blah….. I have a board certified OB/GYN that I trust and pay good money to handle my care oh yeah and I have done this before!



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