Sarah Palin????

John McCain’s VP choice is a doozy. While some people seem to be overjoyed (I don’t know why) others are not so sure…. Trying to use Michelle Obama’s quote about Hillary Rodham Clinton to refer to this woman is insulting to Senator Clinton, those who supported her and women in general. I stumbled across this blog written by one of her fellow Alaskans and I must say it is very interesting and worth reading.
I am amazed by how many people that I know and have known for years are supporters of McCain that say they are “pleasantly surprised” by his VP choice…WTH??? So just any woman will do, huh? If he wanted to play on people’s emotions and select a woman he seriously should have asked Condi cause this chick is NOT the one. I’d even go so far to say her only experience and qualification to hold such a high office is that we know that she’s already a corrupt politician. Sarah Palin does not care about the American People she cares about Alaskan People… so far everything I’ve read is about how her becoming Vice President will be great for Alaska and this will give attention to her home state you all better remember that when you head to the polls in November.

Get to know the Republican VP candidate and well don’t be swayed just because she is a woman when there were so many other more qualified women than this Alaskan Beauty Queen that could have been the running mate of McSenile.

More info on Palin:


2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin????

  1. RunGirl. says:

    I am personally offended at McCain’s VP choice. Does he think that we (women of the USA) are that stupid that we don’t see past his antics?? And talk about no experience …

  2. Don says:

    That would have been a hellified choice if he’s selected Condi Rice. Since that wasn’t the case, and since his VP running mate is seriously inexeperienced, I have to believe McCain somewhat divided his GOP party.

    Joe Biden will rip her into shreds during the VP debates.

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