The reincarnation of Miss Cleo

Since making the big annoucement every one that I've come into contact with feels the need to "predict" the sex of my unborn. Most conversations go as follows:

Psychic: How are you feeling

Me: I'm a little queasy

Psychic: That little boy is kicking your tail


Psychic: Do you know what you're having?

Me: No, not yet its too early

Psychic: It's a boy.

Me: We'll see

Psychic: It's a boy I know it because you already have a girl so you need a boy for your family to be complete.

What I want to know is why do people believe that the birth of a son will make my family complete? So if I have another girl will our family not be whole? What type of crazy ISH is that? Who says that I have to have a boy and a girl? Why can't I have two daughters a' la' Kimora Lee Simmons? If we have a son great and if we have another daughter, guess what?! It will be just fine!!!

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