Country is not a curse word!

I am not ashamed to say that I am a born and bred country girl. I was born in Tifton, Georgia (pop. 16, 486 as of 2007) and lived there for 18 years. Since that time I’ve lived in other rural areas as well as the city of Atlanta for five years. I don’t mind being “country” however I do find it offensive when people try to use the word in a derogatory manner as if being from a small town is such a bad thing. News flash people I had running water, a bathroom and all the same amenities that I enjoyed while living in “The A.” Yes, I know that at times I speak with a twang, but is it necessary to ALWAYS point that out??? I am pretty much a mild mannered young lady but if you want to get me angry just start throwing the word country around with your lips curled in disdain and you might just have a Hatfield vs McCoy feud on your hands! I remember once in college while showing potential students around campus my roommate trying to make a joke at my expense called me a country bumpkin and I went off… right in front of the students and parents. Luckily I didn’t scare them, but like I said throwing that word around like it’s dirty just does something to me. Recently I was having a discussion with a friend and she was describing this young lady’s attire and she said she looked so country! I held my tongue somewhat, but I want to know why couldn’t she have used another word to describe her?? Could she not have thought of another adjective to adequately decribe the girl?
I personally feel my rural upbringing allows me to appreciate my life as it is in all the many forms and stages I’ve gone through. I watched my new friends from the metro area struggle to adjust with the slower way of life when we were in college living in Statesboro a few of them opting to return home. Years later when I moved to Atlanta I adjusted to the faster city life with no problems and once again when I returned to my roots and moved to Hinesville it was a seamless transition.
The use of the word country as if it’s dirty is just not acceptable in my world and continuing to do so in my presence may just get you told off real quick or at least a raised eyebrow… don’t try me I’m pregnant and hormonal so I am not accountable for my actions right now people.

2 thoughts on “Country is not a curse word!

  1. Don says:

    Only people who really have no clue love to speak down on people who they consider country. All the while, not knowing that city people have serious mental issues. LOL.

    Congrats on the pregnancy.

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