Trapped in a bathtub

I’ve been pretty slack about blogging on the regular, but recently I was talking to one of my Sorors who has been encouraging me so I am going to try to do better. I felt like pulling a few of my older myspace posts to share here on blogger just for the heck of it…

Trapped in the bathtub…..

Before I begin I must start off by saying there aren’t 25 installments to this story a la R. Kelly this happens to be the only occurrence in this unfortunate incident (Thank God!)

Picture it (Ha! Thanks Sophia) Atlanta 2001… I was living the life of a typical college student. I’d moved to the city earlier that year from Statesboro and there were times that I missed my friends that I left behind a lot…and this day was one of those times. I was talking on the phone to my old flame we were laughing and bs-ing around when he invited me down for a “visit” so being the impulsive little thing I was I said ok, “See you tomorrow.”

Fast forward to the next day… I slid into town unnoticed (hey they ain’t call me Quiet Storm for nothing!) so I head on over to Mr. Flame’s dorm. We hung out, went to dinner with his roommate and returned to their room and this is when all the drama began…

The evening was going well enough. I was watching tv as good old Mr. Flame hung out with the rest of his roommates til bedtime. Finally he comes to the room and climbs into bed beside me. We were laying there talking just shooting the breeze when suddenly out of no where we hear…….FIRE ALARM!!! So hear I am supposedly being incognito in town to see Flame and get my fire stoked when a real fire may be burning!
Instead of using that good ole rational logic that I love to use at all times I decided to employ just plain stupidity…. instead of deciding to go downstairs during the fire drill with the rest of the people in the dumb a** decides I am going to hide in the room til it’s over because I do not want to be seen in town and especially with Flame. So while Flame and the roommates go downstairs I go hide out in the bathroom…in the bathtub to be more specific. Of course while in the tub this is when paranoia settles in…. I started to think “What if the building is really on fire?” “They are going to find my dead body in a bathtub cause I was too embarrassed to go outside.” I must add crouching in a bathtub for over an hour does nothing for your sanity…I mean there was no way I could go outside now, right? I mean hell I ignored the alarm, ignored the resident assistant’s knocks on the room door to make sure all of her charges were outside as they should be. I just knew if I went outside into the fray after being in the bathtub for that long the Fire Marshall was going to hand me over to the police or at least give me a stern talking to in front of all of the dorm while I stood there eyes glazed over from the shock of it all in my AKA t-shirt and panties…. Uhhh No Way Jose! What would my mother think????
I opted to remain in my little hide out til Flame got back about an hour and a half later laughing his ass off. All I have to say that was the longest damn fire drill I’ve ever had the displeasure of not participating in!


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