Birds of a feather do NOT always flock together

I have a number of friends that I consider close or even best friends but they are all vastly different from each other and myself I might add. Each of my friends have their own way of doing things that works for them and in the grand scheme of things that's perfectly alright.

I have one friend in particular whom I love dearly and though I haven't known her as long as some of my other friends we are just as close. She is the one person other than my mother that I speak to everyday without fail. She wants nothing but the best for me and vice versa. So imagine my surprise when I realized I totally despise an aspect of her character. Perhaps despise is too harsh or the wrong word to use but presently I can't come up with another. I know that I'm not perfect unless I say I'm perfectly flawed, but there is this side of my friend that is a bit callous and spiteful which seriously disturbs me. Am I judging or projecting? I'm not sure, but I feel like everyone's feelings bear some consideration and it seems that this is where she and I disagree.

Ultimately I know true friends agree to disagree all the time and that my friends are my friends because of their unique qualities. I just have to come to terms with the fact she must live her life as she sees fit whatever the consequences.

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One thought on “Birds of a feather do NOT always flock together

  1. RunGirl. says:

    My sister is going through that very thing with one of her friends. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself if you can accept it or not. If yes, don’t judge and be there for her as best you can. If no, keep it moving …

    oh and I’m tagging you. read my post, answer the questions yourself and repost. Im sure your answers will be funny.

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