The personality trait I value above all others is loyalty. I often wonder do people feel the same…

Confessions of a people pleaser

I was recently reading something and one line stood out “what others think about you is their business.” Honestly reading that was like a light bulb switching on for me. For far too long I’ve always wanted people to think the best of me and I find myself going out of my way to be just a little bit nicer, more polite, forgiving, light-hearted than I probably truly am for the sake of my image.

While reading that sentence wasn’t the beginning of a huge epiphany it did make me realize no matter what I do, how nice, accomodating, friendly, and patient I am there will always be someone no matter what the circumstance that will just simply think ill of me and that is okay. My mom has always told me there will people who dislike you or talk about you despite all you do she’s also known for saying people talked about Jesus so they will talk about you. She’s a wise old bird when she wants to be and more importantly when I choose to listen.

Be very afraid..

I’m going to brave the throngs of last minute holiday shoppers like myself and attempt to finish my Christmas shopping this morning. Baby Girl wants some roller skates and it is on the top of my list to find them for her today. Hopefully I won’t get knocked down or pushed in the process because last minute shopping can be a BEAST!!!! At least its not Christmas Eve… I’m crazy but not that crazy!

Unchartered territory

As of yesterday I am officially a stay at home mom…. well hopefully ONLY until I give birth to our second child.  We’ve just experienced our first military relocation and in doing so I had to resign from my current position. Being that I am 7 months pregnant we figured I probably wouldn’t have much luck finding a new job right away sooooo I’m going to wait until after the baby is born to rejoin the workforce. I am hoping to not go completely crazy spending the next few months at home with my 3 year old which may prove to be extremely difficult as Baby Girl is very talkative. I mean VERY VERY talkative. She’s one of those kids that calls you 27 times and wants nothing at all OR she has a crazy question to ask and you as the parent have not a clue as to how to answer.

At the suggestion of a very respected blogger I’ve purchased the book Home Comforts, which is supposed to teach me everything and then some about all aspects of keeping house…. I will see how this goes, but I figure I may as well go all out. I’ve been trying to decide if I am going to be the good little wife and  mother by getting up every morning and preparing  a full breakfast for him and Baby Girl so they can have a hot meal… I will definitely try I guess it won’t be a big stretch since I do cook dinner, but again this is all new to me and not to mention I am NOT a morning person.  Somebody pray for me!!!

I’ve been challenged before and have come out unscathed; however I am not domestic in the least… sure I can cook and clean ya know the basics but I don’t know how those other moms out there do it and look so darn well put together in the process. You know the ones I’m talking about well pressed khakis, pearls, not a hair out of place, clean ,well-mannered children and it all appears to be so effortless.  This is going to be my biggest challenge to date!

The best laid plans…

Today was moving day for my family and everything that could possibly go wrong, did! My husband is a  Staff Seargent in the Army and one of the perks of being a military man is when it’s time to relocate there is no packing and moving for us we are supposed  just open the door and let the movers have at it.  Unfortunately Uncle Sam decided to do a two for one so our movers were responsible for moving our family and another at the same time using the same truck which ended up being disastrous! The movers underestimated the amount of stuff we had and ran out of room on the truck SOOOOO my husband ended having to go rent a U-haul, which I might add the Sarge was NOT happy about at all! To add insult to injury a family member, who shall remain nameless, was supposed to come assist Sarge with the move and never showed! It took a while to get things back on track but my hubby being the resourceful guy he is figured it all out and got us back on track.


Is it implied or does it have to be verbalized that when having a conversation with a friend, family member, etc you are talking to them and they should not share the details of your convo with their significant other?

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