The best laid plans…

Today was moving day for my family and everything that could possibly go wrong, did! My husband is a  Staff Seargent in the Army and one of the perks of being a military man is when it’s time to relocate there is no packing and moving for us we are supposed  just open the door and let the movers have at it.  Unfortunately Uncle Sam decided to do a two for one so our movers were responsible for moving our family and another at the same time using the same truck which ended up being disastrous! The movers underestimated the amount of stuff we had and ran out of room on the truck SOOOOO my husband ended having to go rent a U-haul, which I might add the Sarge was NOT happy about at all! To add insult to injury a family member, who shall remain nameless, was supposed to come assist Sarge with the move and never showed! It took a while to get things back on track but my hubby being the resourceful guy he is figured it all out and got us back on track.


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