Stereotypical women???

Someone just shared with me a friend of theirs is having marital troubles and the guy believes the main reason he is having these problems is because his wife is black amongst other things, but mostly because she is black. I really found this disturbing as I am a black woman and in no way shape or form does my skin color make me a troublemaker in relationships.  If a person chooses to date outside his/her race then I certainly have no problem with that as my family is more mixed up than a box of Chex Party Mix, but to justify your choices by saying black women are drama-filled, like to argue, etc that’s when I have a problem. 

I firmly believe that problems will arise in relationships and they have more to do with differing points of view, personality, and perhaps even upbringing/culture, but I do not and no one can convince me that just because someone is of another race will they get along better. 

If you like Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian then just own up to it don’t try to justify your choice just be a man and date who you want without bashing your grandmother, mother, or sister in the process.

That is all.


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