Got til its gone…

Recently my sorority sisters got together for brunch to celebrate the New Year, unfortunately due to distance I was unable to attend. As I looked through their pictures I got a little misty-eyed about missing all of the fun. It is such a shame that I didn’t make more of an effort when I lived closer to them because they are such a fun group of girls. Every time I see them I end up laughing way too much and having a better time than I expected so I don’t know why I was such a lazy heifer when we were all within 30 minutes from each other.

I seem to have a problem going out and socializing which is weird because I LOVE to talk. I tend to talk myself out of invites/events unless someone damn near twists my arm. I always have a great time once I get where I am going so I don’t know why I don’t just get up off my ass and go. This is something that deserves further exploration on my part so that life doesn’t end up passing me by and I am left with nothing but regrets.


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