Stir Crazy

It’s been 12 days since I gave birth. I left the hospital with instructions not to lift anything heavier than my son and no driving for 4 weeks! I’ve been at the mercy of my husband to pick up anything that I need which in theory is a dream, but I feel like I am going a little crazy after being confined to the house for so long. I’ve left the apartment twice and both times were to take my son to the pediatrician.

Today while trying to catch a quick snooze with my baby I opened my eyes to find my daughter standing over me beside the couch looking quite wild eyed… it was enough to wake me up that’s for sure.

While being at home with my newborn has been nice and I am definitely not complaining I need to go somewhere anywhere even if it is just to the grocery store! Since I am stuck in the house I have been craving foods that of course I don’t have in my cabinets, wanting to go to Target and longing to just be outside BUT I am trying to do the right thing. My mother being from the old school believes that I shouldn’t be out and about until at least a month after the birth because according to her my body is still “open” and the old wives tales strictly state I shouldn’t go out before that time but after 2 weeks I think I am willing to take that chance!!!


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