Lessons learned

Prior to my husband’s reassignment I was employed full time as a Communicable Disease Specialist for the local health department. There were times that I thought I hated my job but looking back I realize I didn’t hate it at all in fact I believe I have learned and acquired skills that will help me in the future no matter what industry I choose.

My job was not an easy one, in fact it was extremely challenging and it was not a position for the faint of heart.  Delivering the news to a person that they have HIV is not something I enjoyed doing, but I learned that in being compassionate, empathic, patient and kind my clients actually appreciated hearing the news from me versus someone else who may not have been as sensitive or tactful.

Although the job was frustrating and emotionally draining I find myself thinking of the people I encountered, as well as my coworkers and I miss it even more so I feel that I am better for having worked there. Surprise Surprise… You just never know when or where you’re going to learn something .


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