On my mind after midnight..

I really want to go on vacation

I’m not sure where I’d like to go but the NOLA and NYC are on my list

I’ve been staying awake super late so that I am alert when the baby wakes up but I end up sleeping half the morning

I am so hungry right now but I don’t want a snack I want FOOD

I’m thinking about taking my daughter out for a mommy daughter day but I worry she may be too young for pampering OR even worse that I may be creating a monster

I watched abc’s new show In the Motherhood… it was hilarious I hope it doesn’t get axed

I think I may be slightly addicted to adding books to my wishlist for my Sony eReader..

I am dying to try this recipe I have for chocolate cheesecake

I was dying to have the Blackberry Bold and now that I have it I kinda feel like ehhh whatever

I love gadgets

I’m a PC but I am seriously considering trying a Mac

My little brother has orders to deploy to Afghanistan in May I don’t want him to go

Just saw a commercial for Zac Efron’s new movie he’s too pretty to be a boy

I seriously need a manicure I keep getting hangnails for some reason

While I’m at it I probably should just go ahead and go to the salon as well

I am wide awake looks like I will be sleeping in again in the morning

Sheesh! my baby just pooped


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