We Take This Man….

I’ve said many times before I love to read and honestly I’m not sure if love is a strong enough emotion to explain how I feel about books.  Since I was a child books provided an escape from reality.  At times I’ve become so engrossed in my reading that I feel like I am one of the characters or that I am at least levitating throughout the story watching it unfold and this proved to be no different while reading  We Take This Man.

In this story we meet Tracey and Dwight high school sweethearts who’ve been married 10 years,  have 2 daughters,  and they live in their dream home in Jacksonville, FL.  Everything changes when Dwight’s job transfers him to Maryland and his wife refuses to move because she feels she has waited too long to move into their home and she doesn’t want to leave their family. Tracey resorts to all sorts of childish games in the hopes of bringing Dwight home, which only pushes him further away.  This was an interesting read; however I found myself becoming increasingly irritated with Tracey because so much could have been avoided had she just moved with her husband instead of playing games with him. I’ve never been an advocate for trying to manipulate a man or a woman in a relationship to try to get what you want because people always soon find that it tends to blow up in their faces.



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