Is this thing on?

I need to get out more… hell, I need to get out period. I think being inside so much is driving me bonkers. The kids are wild and restless which in turn makes mommy VERY cranky.

I am doing very well with the 40 book challenge. I am reading book #22 now which is Jen Lancaster’s Such a Pretty Fat.  I love Jen she is SO funny.  I read her second book Bright Lights, Big Ass on my flight to Chicago and I could not stop laughing. I totally love her. I can’t wait to read Pretty in Plaid and My Fair Lazy. She makes me want to write a memoir, but I am not nearly as interesting.

My summer obsession has begun… TrueBlood started last Sunday and I was not disappointed! I can’t wait to see what they have in store for tonight!

I love Betty White.

I miss my friends. I would really like to plan a trip just for the girls even if its just for  the weekend. I need it….

Now that I’ve finished my Masters I feel like I need something else to do, although I am not convinced I want to go back to school.

I keep having weird dreams about random people in my life in two of the dreams they were about people I don’t really speak to often.