I am not my hair

  I have an addiction to scissors and getting a fly ass hair cut. Nothing makes me happier than sitting down in my stylist’s chair so she can work her magic.  After leaving the salon I feel like a new person. In a little under 2 hours I gain a smile on my face and pep in my step all because of a snip here and a curl there.  So why am I considering cutting it off and joining the ranks of thousands of women who are natural??? Well I’ll tell you what it is not…. I have not suddenly bought into the hype that “creamy crack” will ruin my life and my hair.  In an effort to try to budget (shudders) I was trying to come up with a solution which wouldn’t result in me trying to relax my own hair because that just isn’t going to work… but the hubs is not feeling me getting a hair cut… even though I don’t have far to go since I rock a short do’.

India Aire said “I am not my hair” well I am! The state of my hair directly affects my mood. Right now my mood is pretty sh*tty because I NEED to go have a seat in that chair and since I can’t right now I am NOT a happy camper!


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