Saturday Night Ramblings

I want the Blackberry Torch like NOW….. I can’t upgrade till Feb *sad face*

My dad gave me a new camera… I love it. It takes vivid pics.

I found out I have allergies…. the allergy tests suck.. my poor arms are bruised. I am allergic to indoor/outdoor mold & mildew, dust mites, and dog dander. I will be starting the desensitization process next month. Yipee!

I started physical therapy last week because I have chondromalacia (runner’s knee). Friday I think the therapist tried to kill me a little bit. I am sore!

Every Saturday night that I find myself up late I end up watching Lockup and I don’t know why! These guys are scary!

Do people really buy products like Wonder File and Yonanas?

This book I am reading is only mildly interesting. I kinda want to stop reading and pick up one of my James Patterson novels but I only have about 100 pages to go.

I love my BBM Book Club we are usually soooo off topic but I don’t mind because they are a funny bunch.

I was considering cutting my hair, but I think I’ve changed my mind for now.

My daughter starts Kindergarten next week. She’s growing up. My son transitioned to a toddler bed this week. Both of my babies are growing up. Time is flying by!

I still want the Blackberry Torch…. Yes I know I said that already but it bears repeating.


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