Where is the off switch?

For as long as I can remember I have internalized my friends’ problems, issues, pain, etc. I can’t help the feeling of wanting to fix whatever is wrong  and make everything better.

 I worry about them when they are sick. I check on them while they are on road trips. I guess this wouldn’t be so bad if I had only 1 or 2 friends.  I love people so I tend to meet and make friends and acquaintences every where so my motherly behavior often extends to them as well.

I value my compassionate nature; however sometimes it is stressful for me when the friend I am worrying about seems to be less concerned with their life/issues than I am. 

Once upon a  time I had an interest in nursing and mental health and while neither are my field I still place a lot of stock in being physically, mentally and emotionally well.

Unfortunately, for me the people I find myself worrying and stressing myself over seem to not care as much OR do not realize they keep repeating the same hurtful behavior.  Lately my dilemma has been how do I stop feeling as if I care more about their well-being than they do? I know it may very well be my perception of the situation but when I find myself getting worked up over something constantly then I have a problem.  

I’ve recently started to wonder how do I stop caring so much? How can I just stop doing the thing that I’ve done all my life? It can’t be healthy for me to fret over things which I have no control so I really need to fiind a way to lighten up.


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