Old Random Thoughts

So I composed a few random thoughts at work a few weeks ago and saved it as a draft on my trusty sidekick otherwise known as my BlackBerry but I never posted them… So in the words of Drake better late than never….yes I know he follows that with never late is better but in this case what can I say???

I wish this lady would quit popping popcorn for her lunch she burns it at least twice a week and funks up the entire hallway.
*** She’s still popping it and still burning it 

I am excited about Grey’s coming back tonight
***Grey’s was AWESOME! It keeps getting better

I have no idea what I am going to cook tonight…whatever it is will have to be QUICK!
I probably should buy stock in Chick-fil-a… I eat chicken minis for breakfast like almost every morning.
***This is probably also the reason I am a slim fat girl as we speak

I am super excited about seeing Kevin Hart for the second time this year. He tickles me.
Just got out of a meeting and I didn’t understand half of the stuff they were talking about

I wish people would quit volunteering me for stuff at work! If I hear Brandi can do that one mo’ time!

I’ve heard about two men this week who are trying to pull crazy stunts during divorce proceedings. I wish people would just act right!
I think I like Wale’s verse on No Hands waaaaay more than I should.




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