Time to dig out my cape

Well folks it’s that time again…. the hubs has to go away for training so I’ll be home alone with the kids. The first part of the training is only for about 6 weeks and then he’ll be home with us for 2 weeks, buuuuuut then he’ll be leaving again April 1st heading to Fort Leonard Wood until August!!!! I know it could be worse… At least it’s not another 15 to 18 month deployment to Iraq.

 I’d grown used to his absences, but since moving to South Carolina he’s stayed put and we’ve become accustomed to him being around. This is going to be especially hard on Aidan because he’s always been around for him unlike when Kyleigh was his age he was deployed. Every day when we get home he barely gives me time to unlock the door before he’s running inside looking for his dad. I don’t know how I will be able handle seeing his little face fall when his daddy doesn’t answer.

I was referred to as Super Mom today by one of my friends, although I don’t quite feel like one I know its time for me to dust my cape off and get on the job. Our routine is going to change,  not drastically I hope, and we are going to have to work out a system that flows smoothly for the three of us. I expect it will be difficult at first, but we’ll figure it out. I suspect we’ll be doing tons of art projects and Kyleigh and I will be baking a lot to take their mind off daddy. We’re going to make it work OR I will being seeing a mental health specialist preferrably a psychiatrist for a prescription of the strongest mood stabilizers/anti-anxiety drugs he can give me!


One thought on “Time to dig out my cape

  1. I can soooo relate. I have been an Army wife for 21 years and I truly know how you feel. People seem to think that deployment and separation gets easier and easier with every time, but I don’t hink it is a matter of easy or difficult. Every one of them is different. There is a new set of circumstances (location, number and ages of children, whther you work or not, etc.). Hang in there! But then again, we always do, huh (fellow) Superwoman? Great post!

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