The Truth About Bee… a few little known facts about me

I initially planned to share 25 tidbits about myself, but this is harder than it looks!!! My mind is like a million miles away today and I am super sleepy so that probably doesn’t do a thing to help the situation.


I am super shy—yeah I know it doesn’t add up but it is so true

In my head I am a mean girl—if I ever start to say half the stuff I think people would be shocked.

I am a lightweight prude—while I am not nun material some things/behaviors are and have always been a no-no for me.

I do not like the smell of bananas – I haven’t eaten one in over 20 years.

I have 5 siblings. I only have one parent in common with each of them. 1-mom 4-dad

I lived in the State of Georgia for 30 years before living in another one.

I LOVE books!

I am terrified of speaking in public. It causes major anxiety. Just the thought of it rattles me.

I try to spin everything into something positive it doesn’t always work, but I will certainly try to find the bright side.

I think I am a borderline hypochondriac.

I am NOT a morning person. I hate my alarm with the intensity of 1000 suns!

I’m addicted to electronics – ok that’s not much of a secret



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