Fairy tales and happy endings

Yesterday with the world watching Prince William married Catherine Middleton. I must admit in the days leading up to the royal wedding I was not really into it, but when I switched on the television on Friday morning as I got ready for work I was swept up into the romance. As I watched I became enchanted, it was like watching a real life fairy tale.  I thought Kate looked beautiful. Her dress was classic and stunning. Prince William looked dashing. While their kiss seemed sedate to some the look of pure bliss on Kate’s face afterward warmed my heart. They look like they are so in love!

I feel as if I watched nothing else yesterday because I was utterly fascinated by all of the pomp and circumstance. If there was a special about the wedding I was watching it. It seemed as if one went off and another came on!

Of course all of the wedding talk made me think of (what I hope to be soon)our vow renewal. The hubs and I won’t be able to do it up royal style, but I simply cannot wait till I am finally able to slip into a wedding gown and see him in a tuxedo. It is the only thing I want more in this world than any of my gadgets! *gasp*

So here’s to the bride and groom and to hoping my husband gets the hint! I just love happy endings!


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