I miss my hubby!!!

I am a pretty capable chick in my opinion; however there is something about not having my husband at home that has thrown me in a tizzy.

I took my car in for an oil change only to find out one of the hoses the coolant runs through needed to be replaced and it was a dealer exclusive part so it had to be ordered. Meanwhile the Jiffy Lube man wiggles the hose to show me where the leak is and hot antifreeze shoots on me. Luckily it wasn’t scalding. So they top off my fluid and send me on my way. By the time I get home darn near ALL of the coolant has leaked out of the car AND the part I need wasn’t going to be in until today.
Tuesday morning I go online and reserve a rental car. I selected a Galant or similar vehicle because the price was right (mostly) and I needed something large enough to transport the kids… When I arrive what does she have for me???? A Rav4. Now I’m not knocking the truck, but its not what I wanted. I kept hearing Kanye say “whatchu think I rap for to push a f*cking Rav4.” It got us from A to B so it was cool. The girl was overly excited about it when she saw it and she peppered me with questions like : “Did you get a new car?” “Where did it come from?” “Did you order it on the internet?” And my fave “Did you steal it?” Kids really do say the darndest things.

The hubs had a friend put the part on the car so we’re back in business at least until I take it in for the damages to be repaired from my little fender bender (don’t ask).

While this situation was minor I still wish my hubs was here to handle this kind of stuff.

*counting down the days til his return.

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