Princess for a Day

Tuesday state agencies in South Carolina recognized Confederate Memorial Day (sigh) so we were off. I decided to take the day and use it as a pamper day/belated Mother’s Day gift for myself. I scheduled a facial at Urban Nirvana and it was AWESOME!!! When I left my face looked incredible. My skin had a bright dewy look and I could not stop looking in the mirror! Lisa, my esthetician was fabulous!!! ! I even purchased the Skinceuticals Simply Clean facial cleanser she recommended. I think I will be adding this little luxury to my regular routine. I mean I have to pay extra attention to my skin since I’m in my 30’s now right???

After leaving the spa I hurried over to Quiescence Hair, Skin & Nails to see my stylist Tonya. As usual she tamed my hair and I left her chair with a smile on my face. She added some very sassy highlights that I think make me look just right for the season. We’ll see what the hubs thinks when I see him in a few weeks 🙂

I contemplated going home after getting my hair done, but I thought why stop the fun???  Sooooo next I went to lunch and then the movies. Jumping the Broom was cute and funny. I laughed, cried, and drooled over Laz & Pooch (yum).

Well you’d THINK that I would have stopped there, buuuuuut the last thing on the agenda before picking up The Girl & The Boy was to run and get my little eyebrows tamed. 

I cannot remember a time where I spent the entire day by myself doing whatever I wanted and it was all for me. I loved the feeling. After I left the salon I felt sexy and totally relaxed. I’ve resolved to do this more often,  because as I learned from the “wise” Joe Guidice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey “Happy Wife Happy Life.”   (and my good friend Charm didn’t think you could learn anything from reality tv!)

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