Tangled in Red Tape


I was scheduled to have an outpatient procedure on Tuesday. Monday morning I received a phone call from my physician’s office and I was informed that I would not be able to have the surgery because my insurance would not approve the procedure because the hospital on post has first right of refusal and APPARENTLY they decided THEY could so I was basically S-O-L.  After finishing my conversation with the surgeon’s office I began calling around to find out what happened and why was I just finding out this information the day before my scheduled procedure.  According to the reps on post the claim they attempted to contact me 3 times in a 28 day period I don’t want to call anyone an outright liar, but I definitely do not recall receiving any phone calls. Maybe it is just me, but it seems like the logical thing to do would have been to contact me as well as the physician’s office to pass along this information.

After making SEVERAL phone calls ultimately I found out there was really no way around canceling the surgery.   I requested time off from work and made arrangements for my dad to come with me since the hubs is away training all for nothing! Now my options are to have my primary care doctor resubmit the referral and see what happens OR I can make an appointment for a consult on post and have the procedure performed there. The easiest thing to do would be to go ahead and let them do it BUT I will NOT! This is the second time this has happened to me with this hospital and I refuse to give them the satisfaction.

The day before I was scheduled for my 6 week check up (after the boy was born) my OB/GYN’s office called and told me that the hospital on post would not approve my doctor inserting my Mirena because they had the staff who could do it on post. Somehow they that was a good idea even though my care had been provided by another physician who I might add delivered my son AND would be giving me a pap smear the very next day. I spent half the day calling everyone I could think of trying to appeal to them and practically begging not to be subjected to TWO invasive vaginal exams to no avail. I thought that I was going to get the Mirena the very next day on post at the hospital; however when I arrived I was very rudely informed by the nurse practitioner that I would not be getting the birth control method my doctor and I had carefully decided upon a month prior to my son’s birth BUT watching a video about Mirena. She also very snidely asked if I knew that there was a chance of perforation of the uterus.  It is not often that I am so stunned that I am silent, but this was one of those times!  I am not sure what this woman saw when she looked at me, but obviously she did NOT see the 31 year old Master of Public Health candidate that I was!  Needless to say it was this encounter that made me decide that I would not receive my care on post so I submitted a request for a civilian primary care physician. I was granted permission to see an off post provider and I promptly made an appointment to see her and asked her to refer me to my OB/GYN which she did and 6 months later I FINALLY got my Mirena!

So if it takes another 6 months then I am willing to wait. I understand not everyone is like this woman and while they should not necessarily be punished for her behavior, the fact remains she is a hospital employee and therefore the face (representative) of the hospital. This one bad experience has colored my opinion of the staff and their ability to treat me as a person/patient deserving respect.

The One I Gave My Heart To

My husband is not perfect, in fact he’s far from it, there are times that he literally drives me insane, but I wouldn’t trade him for anyone in this world. He gets me, when nobody else understands he does. We aren’t one of those couples who finishes the other’s sentences, but if he was so inclined he could definitely tell me what I was thinking. He also knows the way to MY heart isn’t with flowers, candy or poetry, but electronics. Should he WANT to send me flowers he knows callas are my faves and not traditional roses.

Since the day we met I’ve felt safe and protected. When he’s around I never feel the need to check the locks a thousand times, in fact it never even crosses my mind. Is this because he’s a soldier or is it just the quiet strength he exudes? What ever it is I’m glad he’s around!

I wish I could say that our relationship has been perfect— well you know what no I don’t. The problems we’ve encountered through the years have only served as a series of lessons which have allowed us to become stronger as a couple. We appreciate each other and instead of talking we’ve started to show our feelings via actions.

Why am I being a mushball today? Who knows! I’m feeling all gooey about my hubby and I wanted everybody to know!