The One I Gave My Heart To

My husband is not perfect, in fact he’s far from it, there are times that he literally drives me insane, but I wouldn’t trade him for anyone in this world. He gets me, when nobody else understands he does. We aren’t one of those couples who finishes the other’s sentences, but if he was so inclined he could definitely tell me what I was thinking. He also knows the way to MY heart isn’t with flowers, candy or poetry, but electronics. Should he WANT to send me flowers he knows callas are my faves and not traditional roses.

Since the day we met I’ve felt safe and protected. When he’s around I never feel the need to check the locks a thousand times, in fact it never even crosses my mind. Is this because he’s a soldier or is it just the quiet strength he exudes? What ever it is I’m glad he’s around!

I wish I could say that our relationship has been perfect— well you know what no I don’t. The problems we’ve encountered through the years have only served as a series of lessons which have allowed us to become stronger as a couple. We appreciate each other and instead of talking we’ve started to show our feelings via actions.

Why am I being a mushball today? Who knows! I’m feeling all gooey about my hubby and I wanted everybody to know!


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