Missing you…

How do I describe my mood today?? Well my day started off okay nothing unusual.  I’ve basically been zoned out, ipod bumping and working furiously (for a change). I was listening to a little Beyonce and afterwards I decided to listen to Alicia Keys’ As I Am a few songs in Tell You Something (Nana’s reprise) comes on and everything kinda just goes downhill. As usual I start to think of my grandmothers and how they are no longer with me *cue the waterworks* hell I’m tearing up writing this now.

My mom’s mom died in 1992 she was 53 years old and I was 14. She’s been gone so long that sometimes its easy to forget and others I am acutely aware of her absence. My dad’s mom was with me a little longer, she passed away in 2007 just two weeks before her 74th birthday.  She got to meet my husband and daughter and for that I am forever grateful.

I’d really like to say more about them and how much they meant to me, but since I can’t stop crying in my cube to even begin to reminisce I guess I will stop here before my nosy neighbor comes over. I guess today was just one of those days.





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