He’s Only Human

Growing up I thought my dad was larger than life. He was my personal Super Man. Like most little girls I was a Daddy’s Girl…. I thought my daddy could do anything and if I’m honest there are still times I still feel this way. So when he called me Friday to tell me he’d gone to the doctor and they’d diagnosed him with Type II Diabetes I felt a little discombobulated. My rational side knows this is no biggie with a proper diet, exercise and possibly medication he’ll be just fine, but the little girl in me is uneasy.

I feel as if the roles have reversed now though…. instead of him worrying about me I will be worrying about him when I never did before. I guess I never realized there would be a day that I would have to be concerned about my dad….. Lucky for him though he has 2 daughters that are armed with public health degrees and we are going to be on his case!!!! I have already sent him information to read and information on changing his diet so he better watch out, because although I did not inherit his assertive nature I can be quite persistent when I put my mind to it. He’s going to be compliant or else!!!!


What I’d Really Like to Say……

Ma’am we get it!!!!!!! You’re natural now…….do we REALLY need daily updates on what you did to your afro? Or what new product you made yourself, puchased from Carol’s Daughter, Miss Jessie’s, etc? Must you constantly post pics of your twists? You do realize for every one person who wants to take natural hair journey with you there are about 5 of us who do NOT? I am an advocate for people doing whatever they like to the hair growing out of their scalp and even the weave they’ve added, but for the love of all that is HOLY please please please stop filling up my Facebook feed with your photos!!!! Start a blog, phone a friend…. as long as that friend isn’t me!!!!!

*end rant*

I’m going to try something new, even if it kills me…

Lately I’ve been thinking…….no I’m not about to bust out a rendition of the Stevie Wonder classic or the Jodeci remake for that matter… I need to be more serious about my health. The first thing I would like to do is to lose about 5-8 pounds …….10 if I get lucky. To some folks my goal is easy and they probably could do it with their eyes closed and one hand tied behind their back, but let’s be real we are talking about me. I have the attention span of a baby gnat so getting me to commit to some sort of diet/exercise plan will be the hardest thing I’ve probably ever done in my life. I usually start out with good intentions and I will exercise for about a day or two… and then something always comes up and I am back to square one. I think the biggest challenge for me is the changing the way I eat. I have been eating smaller portions, but my biggest beef, no pun intended, with dieting or changing my eating is that it seems so restrictive. I don’t want to cut out everything I love. If I can find ways to still enjoy my favorite foods (in moderation of course) then I am down for the cause. When I watch fanatics like Jillian and Jackie (who both scare  me by the way) and they are throwing away food or making people run up and down stairs with two cookies in hand to prove a point I get a little twitchy.

I recently purchased a few meal plans from my Soror Erika (aka the Weight Loss Guru and hater of all things bacon) and next week I’m going to try it her way. By week’s end I will either be singing her praises or cursing the ground she walks on for making me eat oatmeal and Greek yogurt….I am very funny about food textures so me and squishy do not get along. I haven’t eaten a banana in about 28 years so that should tell you my food aversions run DEEP! I didn’t realize how much so until a few minutes ago while in the grocery store trying to pick out a yogurt to try (I’ve never eaten any besides frozen) and I was talking to my friend and she was making suggestions that I was shooting down left and right because they contained fruit pieces/bits and I HATE fruit in my food…. I do not like fruit pies, cobblers, etc, but let me digress… before I take a trip to Crazy Town! This is is definitely going to be a struggle I am gonna have to pray for strength…. HELP!!!!!




Everybody knows there are 2 things in this world that I love and those things are books and gadgets. My friend Jerome often calls me Gidget Gadget… I probably should get a part-time job at BestBuy…… you know what…. terrible idea. I would never collect a check because it would all go back into the store!When Christmas rolled around my husband surprised me with the two latest electronics I’d been eyeballing for a few months, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket. I was super excited because I never expected to get 2 new toys. As soon as I could get the packaging opened I said goodbye to my beloved Blackberry and hello to the Skyrocket.

Now while I LOVE my new phone I do have one small complaint… it does not have Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0  OS). I have been not so patiently waiting for ICS since Jan to no avail. It seems like every day BGR, Android Central and the other blogs are announcing which carriers are rolling out the updates and which phones are receiving it… mine has not come up yet. AT&T cruelly sent out and update about a week or so ago but it was ONLY an update of Gingerbread… I have noticed minor changes, but not the major overhaul that I am expecting ICS to bring.

I do understand that the carriers want to test each build of the new OS for their phones before they release it, BUT that other side of me just wants my freaking update. I hate to be a phone snob, but I do believe my Skyrocket is far superior to some of these HTC phones that AT&T has updated. What gives AT&T???? I mean they do not even have a projected release date! I chatted with a tech support specialist from AT&T and all he could tell me was that I would be getting the update…. Sir, I already knew that!!!! He then goes on to tell me to check the blogs for update info… Again sir I already do that!!! How in the heck do you think I knew I was getting the update????  I feel like by the time they send it out to me they will start rolling out phones with the new rumored OS Jellybean and then I will be starting this vicious cycle all over again!!!!! Luckily when the hubs got me this phone I didn’t use my upgrade sooooooooo I do have the option to just go buy a new phone, but I like I said I love this phone…. and I think my husband might kill me! LOL!!!!

So on the off chance that someone from AT&T happens to come across this little ole post of mine please please please hurry up and release ICS for my phone…. my life depends on it! LOL!!!!!


Pleasantly Surprised

Most of my friends know  I have moments when I am social and others when I am perfectly content staying at home. I am not the best at small talk and being in situations where I don’t anyone can be difficult. I can’t really explain it… there are times when I meet people and I can talk to them like they are old friends and others where I am struggling to think of things to keep the conversation going.

Last week the hubs told me his coworker and wife were having a baby shower and he told him we would attend.  As the day approached I was feeling a bit iffy about going to such a special gathering and not knowing anyone.  We walked in and all of the ladies were very friendly so my initial uneasiness quickly melted away. The lady sitting next to me was super chatty and friendly so being in the group wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. We played a few games and ate a TON of great food! The mom to be is from Panama and dad is from Jamaica so there were all sorts of goodies… unfortunately or maybe fortunately I was wearing some shape wear so it was impossible to overeat! LOL!

I definitely enjoyed myself and I am glad that I decided to go… maybe the Semi-Social Butterfly is coming out of  her shell.

Far Far West!!!

El Paso, Texas is FAR from everything or at least that’s how it seems.  The city is almost as close to Los Angeles (710 miles) as it is to Houston (670 miles)! The closest beach is 692 miles away. Since I hate road trips and it is super expensive to fly from here I don’t know if I will make it to Sunny California. I am hoping that we’ll be able to take the kids to New Mexico and Arizona to see the sights but who knows if the hubs will even be in the states next year.

Anyway!!! I won’t focus on the negative! We are going to make the most of our time here and I’m hoping that I will be able to talk the hubs into a quick trip to Cabo!

The choices we make

I am a wife. This one fact does not totally define me, but in a sense it does. My husband is in the Army and he has been for 13 years. We’ve been together 9 years and married for 6. In our six years as a “legal” couple we’ve moved twice, which I think is pretty good in terms of Army life. As an Army wife I had to decide early on if I was going to be the wife that accepted my husband’s orders as my own and relocate with him OR if I was going to move to one place and stay there seeing my husband when he could get away for weekends or long holidays. I can’t say I thought long and hard about it because I didn’t. We’ve lived through 3 deployments and countless out-of-state trainings that separated our family so making the decision to pack up my life when he did seemed like a no-brainer. There are several military families that choose to settle down and find their “home” while the military spouse travels from place to place and they are able to make it work quite successfully, but at this time I don’t think it is the move for us. In a few years when the kids are older we are definitely considering finding a home base and staying there while he finishes up his last few years of service.

Growing up I watched my dad travel constantly for work and although he and my mom weren’t together we used to see each other quite often until he was promoted. After he started moving up he began to travel almost weekly even now when I call him I never know where he will be.  As I got older I started to consider his wife and I wondered how she felt with her husband being gone all the time and  I thought I wouldn’t want to live like that… funny how life turns out though.

Probably the most difficult part of being an Army wife (besides the obvious things like deployments, etc) is job hunting  when we move. I realize when I decided to move with my husband I also made the decision to put his career first.  I can’t say that was a conscious decision, but clearly I made a choice. Unfortunately, I do not have a “portable career’ so pretty much it has been back to square one. I have a Masters in Public Health and my heart is definitely in the field so at times it is hard to find just the right job. It took some time, but eventually I found a position in Columbia and I am hoping to do the same here in El Paso.

Recently, a Soror and fellow Army Wife told me about the Priority Placement Program with the federal government which helps military spouses find federal employment IF they had to leave their previous job due to a PCS move. All this time I’d been thinking checking the military spouse box on the USAJobs applications was enough!!!! HR specialists review your resume and determine which job codes (up to 5) you qualify for and they notify you of job openings on post. Not only will they notify you of the position your name is also placed on a list of candidates to consider which is sent to the hiring officials. It sounds simple enough, but believe me there is a lot more to it and the rules are very strict. One mistake and you are out of the program. On the bright side it  looks promising, because they have already contacted me about a job they wanted me to submit my application packet for and of course I did so immediately.

So while unintentionally that’s how being a wife took precedence over my career. I don’t regret the choices I’ve made thus far and I am looking forward to seeing more of the world at my husband’s side.