Pleasantly Surprised

Most of my friends know  I have moments when I am social and others when I am perfectly content staying at home. I am not the best at small talk and being in situations where I don’t anyone can be difficult. I can’t really explain it… there are times when I meet people and I can talk to them like they are old friends and others where I am struggling to think of things to keep the conversation going.

Last week the hubs told me his coworker and wife were having a baby shower and he told him we would attend.  As the day approached I was feeling a bit iffy about going to such a special gathering and not knowing anyone.  We walked in and all of the ladies were very friendly so my initial uneasiness quickly melted away. The lady sitting next to me was super chatty and friendly so being in the group wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. We played a few games and ate a TON of great food! The mom to be is from Panama and dad is from Jamaica so there were all sorts of goodies… unfortunately or maybe fortunately I was wearing some shape wear so it was impossible to overeat! LOL!

I definitely enjoyed myself and I am glad that I decided to go… maybe the Semi-Social Butterfly is coming out of  her shell.

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