Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance or…Where the Hell is My Phone??

The Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the most highly anticipated Android phones to be released this year. After its introduction to the world in May the net was abuzz waiting to hear when Samsung’s newest creation would hit the US. Much to our excitement and surprise preorders in the US started not long (June 6) after the European release of May 29th. Even more exciting was the fact the four major US carriers were not going to brand each phone like they did with the S II so essentially the phones would be the same across the board which was a major feat.

After taking some time to consider my options I decided to preorder my phone June 7th just one day after they started taking orders. I decided to preorder from Best Buy, which I have now released was my biggest mistake. Not only did I not receive my phone on the 21st they have no idea when they will be coming in. AT&T customers who preordered directly through AT&T were told they should expect to receive their phones yesterday at the latest and anyone who preordered last week should expect to receive them in 10 business days. Best Buy seems to not have any idea what’s going on with the AT&T orders or when we should expect them. The only thing they seem to be able to tell me is to check my email.

Word on the Android blogs/forums is that Samsung did not manufacture enough phones to meet the supply so now the customers have to suffer. I read there were about 9 million preorders during the European launch so if the demand was that high why didn’t Samsung expect the same thing in the US????? I am not sure how true it is, but I read there were over 14 million US preorders. You would think that they would have at least had the same amount of phones ready to ship if not more than their first launch.

My excitement over my new gadget has long since become annoyance with all parties. This whole situation is just one big mess. I will think twice before preordering again especially if this is going to be the outcome. While I understand it isn’t the store’s fault I do think they could have done a better job keeping the customers in the loop. At a minimum Best Buy should have emailed their customers notifying them of the delay instead of passing off that bogus story about the phones being held up in customs.

*end rant*

Conversation with The Boy

The Boy: Mommy what are those? Are they pull ups?

Me: No, they aren’t pull ups.

The Boy: Oh are they bandaids? Are you hurt?

Me: No, its just something for mommies.

The Boy: Oh something for mommies? Ok.

The item in question….a box of Always LOL!!