Sew what!

I keep saying I think I’d like to learn to sew and I’d really like to give it a try but I’m not very crafty at all so I’m afraid to dive in. 

My grandmother, Daisy, was a BEAST on the sewing machine! I absolutely loved  when she would make my Easter dresses. I also had a red cape with a hood and white lining she made for me that I cherished you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t Little Red Riding Hood when I wore it.

I found a lady via Pinterest,  Mimi G., who makes absolutely beautiful clothing. She has some amazing stuff on her blog. While I was on peeping around on her blog I saw her learn to section and I felt inspired BUT she said it took her about 9 years to get really good… So Ummmm….. I almost positive I have ADD so as much as I’d love to learn I’m afraid if takes that long it will probably be over before I could ever get started. A sewing machine is too expensive to abandon but I guess I could sell it on eBay… LOL!! Terrible… I know.

I need something to occupy my time while on the job hunt so this might be just the thing I need. Stay tuned….

Still here…barely

I am such a lazy blogger… I have a million things going through my mind everyday that I guess I could write about but I don’t because I am forever censoring myself… I swear I am worse than the FCC. Perhaps if I stopped worrying so much about other people and put ME first every once in a while things would be different… but alas the southern-ness in me is winning this good fight.. I struggle with saying the right thing daily. I’ve gotta give it to my conscience she is definitely on her job because I might think some not so nice things but I’ll be damned if she lets them come out of my mouth!!!!

To blog or not to blog…..

Quite a bit of random, sometimes crazy, off the wall shit happens in my life and often times I want to write about it just to get it out even if it is out in cyberspace for all the world to see… but me being the person I am sometimes I don’t let people know how I truly feel so….. can I really blog about the happenings in my life? Will my family or friends understand that underneath my mild mannered personality lies a person that they’ve never ever seen or probably imagine me to be? Will they be outraged to know how I really feel or relieved to know that I am much more dynamic than they’ve realized? Can they handle it?