Hair today

I am beginning to think there is more of my hair on the bathroom floor than my head. My hair is shedding like CRAZY and I am so tempted to cut it off completely… like off off… So short I have the same amount of hair as Aidan short. I’m trying not to be rash since I know the extra (excessive) shedding is more than likely connected to the fact I gave birth four months ago. Right now I’m just thinking of it as a trade… My hair for my sweet baby girl. In the meantime, I’m trying my best not to stress about it. It’s only hair right? Besides if my Pinterest beauty board is any indication of what I want then there’s a haircut in my future.

I started to let my hair grow out while we were still in El Paso because my stylist took leave to have rotator cuff surgery and shortly after her husband got orders and they moved back east. After all I went through to find her I decided I wasn’t up to chair hopping again so I kinda just let it be. If I  wanted a trim I’d just pop over to SuperCuts.

I’m rambling…. Please forgive my bald headed musings… This is what staying up late to watch Jimmy Fallon and getting up early to get the kids ready for school does to me.

What I’d Really Like to Say……

Ma’am we get it!!!!!!! You’re natural now…….do we REALLY need daily updates on what you did to your afro? Or what new product you made yourself, puchased from Carol’s Daughter, Miss Jessie’s, etc? Must you constantly post pics of your twists? You do realize for every one person who wants to take natural hair journey with you there are about 5 of us who do NOT? I am an advocate for people doing whatever they like to the hair growing out of their scalp and even the weave they’ve added, but for the love of all that is HOLY please please please stop filling up my Facebook feed with your photos!!!! Start a blog, phone a friend…. as long as that friend isn’t me!!!!!

*end rant*

I am not my hair

  I have an addiction to scissors and getting a fly ass hair cut. Nothing makes me happier than sitting down in my stylist’s chair so she can work her magic.  After leaving the salon I feel like a new person. In a little under 2 hours I gain a smile on my face and pep in my step all because of a snip here and a curl there.  So why am I considering cutting it off and joining the ranks of thousands of women who are natural??? Well I’ll tell you what it is not…. I have not suddenly bought into the hype that “creamy crack” will ruin my life and my hair.  In an effort to try to budget (shudders) I was trying to come up with a solution which wouldn’t result in me trying to relax my own hair because that just isn’t going to work… but the hubs is not feeling me getting a hair cut… even though I don’t have far to go since I rock a short do’.

India Aire said “I am not my hair” well I am! The state of my hair directly affects my mood. Right now my mood is pretty sh*tty because I NEED to go have a seat in that chair and since I can’t right now I am NOT a happy camper!

The New (OLD) Me….

I was on this mission to grow my hair out for the last almost two years and then one day recently I decided to take it back to the old me…. and whack all of my hair off again. The stylist seemed really shocked when she asked me how I wanted my hair cut and I told her off… it was very liberating kinda like everyone’s favorite scene from Waiting to Exhale. So after not really allowing scissors and cut to be a part of my vocab since Dec 06 I took the plunge and chopped off my hair. I feel like a new person and loving the look. I can’t wait to go back to the salon and see what I can get next! I’ve never been one of those females that believed my beauty was linked to the length of my hair… more like the health of my hair instead…. give me short and healthy over long and stringy any day!

Nappy or Natural?

So, lately I’ve been playing around the idea of growing out my relaxer and going “natural” however I think my definition of natural may be somewhat different than those of the many websites and blogs I’ve visited. Everyone seems to have this happy to be nappy attitude and are against wearing the natural, chemical free hair straightened at all. I’m not sure if truly being natural means shunning straight hair and embracing my curly roots or not but somehow I feel like if I am going to press my hair I won’t be looked at as truly having a natural style. One of the ladies trying to help me make the decision to go on this chemical free journey told me that some people refer to ceramic irons as the flaming hot tool or something of that nature. I am a week away from time for my next relaxer and if I am going to go through with this new process then I want to start as soon as possible.