So Inspired

I must confess I have never been much involved in the political process, sure I performed my civic duty and voted, but before now I have not been as engaged by a candidate and their family as I am right now. Last night watching the Democratic National Convention and listening to Michelle Obama speak I was in awe. Listening to this woman who has been vilified by the media I was trying to see this angry black woman they try to portray her to be and I just couldn’t see it! The only thing I saw was a supportive wife, protective mother and an extraordinary daughter. Forgive me for sounding cheesy, but watching this woman made me believe that like her I can make a difference. I honestly think Michelle Obama can be for the United States what Princess Diana was to Great Britian… if you don’t like the comparison OH WELL!!!!!! I cannot wait to call her First Lady.

Babies and Fools….

Excuse me if I feel no sympathy for this guy… going into the 5th anniversary of the war in Iraq (my husband’s 3rd deployment) this idiot still cannot admit he was wrong… I think I could have an ounce of respect for him if he would just speak up and say “Hey America I f*cked up and I am sorry” but he just won’t do it which is why I cannot wait to see his ass get up out of the White House…hopefully he won’t be replaced by that bigger ass John McCain.