The worst

Have you ever known someone who seems to be determined to think the worst of you? Like no matter what you say if there’s a possibility that you could be teetering on the line of being a jerk this person on going to believe you are a full on a-hole. Recently I thought of a friend from high school and the demise of our friendship a few years later…. I guess I probably should have seen it coming, but I guess I was rocking my rose colored glasses when it came to her.

We met over the summer while working at McDonald’s and become fast friends. She would drive me home after work if we closed together, because I didn’t have a license yet and we hung out a lot on our off days. I remember riding in her car, music up loud, and singing Zhane’ or Adina Howard at the top of our lungs. We had so much fun that summer. When school started in the fall her senior and my junior year the rising sophomores joined us at the high school. I got to see a lot of my friends from junior high and the seniors were able to meet some of these people for the first time. My friend, let’s just call her Lisa, met one of my friends (and former boyfriend for a short time) who we will call Trent. Lisa had a huge crush on Trent she talked about him all the time. A few months into the year Trent started dating my cousin….. It’s a small town what can I say… Lisa was upset with me, because Trent and my cousin were dating and she swore I set them up. I tried to tell her I didn’t, but no matter what I said she wholeheartedly believed I had a hand in them getting together.

Eventually she got over it and we continued to hang out until she graduated. When I started considering colleges she drove home, picked me up and took me on a tour of campus. I ended up going to school somewhere else and we lost touch, but several years later she looked me up when we were both living in Atlanta. We chatted for a few minutes and we didn’t speak again until we ran into each other in our hometown…. I was happy to see her, but she wasn’t quite as enthused about running into me. In fact she basically bit my head off about the last time we spoke because she said I was very “dry” when she called. Now I will say I did look at the phone a little longer than normal because I didn’t recognize the name on the caller ID, but once she told me who she was I was genuinely glad to hear from her. 

I haven’t seen Lisa since that day and to be honest I haven’t thought about her much, but she does cross my mind from time to time. It bugged me for a long time that she thought so poorly of me, but what can you do?

Quirky and a little petty…at least I’m honest


So I think I might be a hashtag snob…I’ve noticed if I don’t like/agree with people’s hashtags I won’t like their pics… for example #myfriendsarebetterthanyours umm who said? Is that petty? Possibly, but hey I just can’t support your feelings of superiority… LOL!!!

Know what else drives me bananas? People who claim to want something so bad and when they get it…it’s not what they expected and they complain about it ALL the damn time!!! Got your dream car, but the gas mileage is crappy. Got that job at your dream company making the money you deserve, but your boss is an idiot who doesn’t know jack sh*t. I have a hard time feeling empathetic when you complain every day about your six figure job that sucks and your Maserati only getting 12 miles to the gallon. *insert eyeroll here* LOL!! I know my friend Jenny is silently high-fiving me right now…. Didn’t you people ever hear be careful what you wish for?!



 For the last 16 months or so I’ve been a SAHM and if I had to sum up the experience I don’t think I would describe in a way that would lead anyone to believe I am enjoying myself. I love being able to spend time with the newest addition to our family, BUT I feel so useless at times and mostly ashamed to tell people that I am not working. With the exception of the first year we moved to South Carolina, I’ve worked since I was 15 years old. I feel like I am floundering. I never envisioned myself knee-deep in diapers, constantly folding laundry and loading and unloading the dishwasher day in and day out.  In no way am I trying to diminish or demean other SAHMs I am just referring to my experience. For the moms who choose to stay at home and are pros at managing the house and the kids while making it look a breeze my hat goes off to you.  What you do is admirable and you deserve the utmost respect, me on the other hand, I suck. My sucky-ness could probably be attributed to the fact I’d rather be working. I am always encouraging my friends to look for the silver lining and find the bright side of most situation, but when I think about my period of unemployment all I can think about is I have a Masters degree that I am not using.

So far I have been pretty successful at keeping the jobless blues at bay, but lately when I search for a job and I don’t see anything its hard not to get discouraged.

Day One

My pics aren’t the best so don’t laugh! I was supposed to start the meal plan I purchased on Sunday…….. leave it to me to start all late and stuff BUT in my defense I didn’t go grocery shopping until today….. So for dinner we ate Tuesday’s meal, Wings with Apple Celery Slaw. It was surprisingly good. I was a little worried about the slaw, but it was pretty good too. My only complaint is my hands still smell like celery! LOL!!!! The girl loved the wings she told me “these are great mom! I can’t stop eating them.” The hubs seemed to enjoy them as well. The boy is in this picky eater stage so he ate a PB&J.

Tomorrow’s menu consists of porkchops topped with an apple and onion chutney served with basmati rice. I have the chops in the fridge in a brine and I need to go turn them over before I turn in for the night. Stay tuned…

Far Far West!!!

El Paso, Texas is FAR from everything or at least that’s how it seems.  The city is almost as close to Los Angeles (710 miles) as it is to Houston (670 miles)! The closest beach is 692 miles away. Since I hate road trips and it is super expensive to fly from here I don’t know if I will make it to Sunny California. I am hoping that we’ll be able to take the kids to New Mexico and Arizona to see the sights but who knows if the hubs will even be in the states next year.

Anyway!!! I won’t focus on the negative! We are going to make the most of our time here and I’m hoping that I will be able to talk the hubs into a quick trip to Cabo!

Conversations in the Car

Today after I picked up the girl child she decided to tell me about her future plans while we were headed to pick up her brother. It went a little something like this…

The Girl: Mom I’m going to be a barber

Me: Oh ok

The Girl: After I get fired from being a barber then I am gonna be a veterinarian

Me: That’s great, but how about you don’t get fired ok?

My kid is a character.