A Little Bit of Everything

“The day I became yours, you became mine.” That Carters commercial makes me tear up every single time.

Can I just say Shonda Rhimes had all of the Scandal fans in a tizzy last night. She is some kind of evil genius.

We are moving next weekend and I have only packed 5 boxes. Too bad this isn’t a PCS move so that we could just supervise the packing instead of doing it ourselves.

I miss the East Coast. El Paso is ok, but ummm yeah this is not the place for me or my family. The city is not diverse at all. I was able to visit Dallas over the summer…. I really enjoyed my time in the city. If we lived there I’m sure I wouldn’t be so ready to vacate Texas.

One of my best girlfriends is having a baby. She’s due in February. I hate that I live so far away, but I am hoping to get home to see her and the baby by early spring.

I just read a hilarious memoir. I was laughing out loud in bed and my husband kept giving me the stink eye. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson do yourself a favor and read it ASAP…. well that is if you aren’t easily offended because if you are just forget I mentioned it. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was also a great read but the ending SUCKED!!! I mean at the end I was like are you FREAKING KIDDING?!  The rest of the book was so good I can forgive her for the ending.

My brother might be moving to Germany for a few years. Definitely gotta visit!

Just got 2 follow requests from natural hair bloggers on Twitter. I hope they aren’t trying to recruit me!!!! The ONLY way I’d be natural is if I could rock my hair like CrystalBoo(she is basically rocking an Amber Rose) . I think I have a face for short hair but I don’t have the head to wear my hair like her so no haps! Oh yeah and with my pointy ears that wouldn’t be the move.

I finally got my phone that I whined about in my last post…. it is AWESOME! AT&T finally released the new Android OS this week so it is running Jellybean and I must say it made me love my G S III that much more.

I want some really good Chinese food. I have not been able to find a place here that can top the chicken egg rolls at Red Bowl Asian Bistro in Columbia, SC… those things were delicious!




He’s Only Human

Growing up I thought my dad was larger than life. He was my personal Super Man. Like most little girls I was a Daddy’s Girl…. I thought my daddy could do anything and if I’m honest there are still times I still feel this way. So when he called me Friday to tell me he’d gone to the doctor and they’d diagnosed him with Type II Diabetes I felt a little discombobulated. My rational side knows this is no biggie with a proper diet, exercise and possibly medication he’ll be just fine, but the little girl in me is uneasy.

I feel as if the roles have reversed now though…. instead of him worrying about me I will be worrying about him when I never did before. I guess I never realized there would be a day that I would have to be concerned about my dad….. Lucky for him though he has 2 daughters that are armed with public health degrees and we are going to be on his case!!!! I have already sent him information to read and information on changing his diet so he better watch out, because although I did not inherit his assertive nature I can be quite persistent when I put my mind to it. He’s going to be compliant or else!!!!


Pleasantly Surprised

Most of my friends know  I have moments when I am social and others when I am perfectly content staying at home. I am not the best at small talk and being in situations where I don’t anyone can be difficult. I can’t really explain it… there are times when I meet people and I can talk to them like they are old friends and others where I am struggling to think of things to keep the conversation going.

Last week the hubs told me his coworker and wife were having a baby shower and he told him we would attend.  As the day approached I was feeling a bit iffy about going to such a special gathering and not knowing anyone.  We walked in and all of the ladies were very friendly so my initial uneasiness quickly melted away. The lady sitting next to me was super chatty and friendly so being in the group wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. We played a few games and ate a TON of great food! The mom to be is from Panama and dad is from Jamaica so there were all sorts of goodies… unfortunately or maybe fortunately I was wearing some shape wear so it was impossible to overeat! LOL!

I definitely enjoyed myself and I am glad that I decided to go… maybe the Semi-Social Butterfly is coming out of  her shell.

You’re In The Army Now…Sorta… My Life As An Army Wife (Part 2)

Thank God that year of deployment passed quickly and shortly after his return we were married. Our little family was complete. Getting married was the easy part. The hard part was getting acclimated to my new role as an Army Wife and mom. We were stationed at Ft. Stewart in Hinesville, GA home of the 3rd Infantry Division. We did not live on post so subsequently I didn’t know many other wives. That first year I was pretty much oblivious to the military life although I was a part of it.

We bought our first house, moved in, and I got to try my hand at decorating. It was an exciting time. Soon we were celebrating our one year anniversary and the very next day he went back to Iraq. Driving away from the post was heartbreaking. I remember calling my mom and sobbing “He just left.” She talked to me for a few minutes and calmed me down and I slowly drove home.
The girl child was 18 months old when he deployed for the 3rd time and every bit of a daddy’s girl. Initially I was able to answer her question of where’s daddy with daddy’s working, but soon even her young mind began to grasp that daddy had a very different job.

I kept myself busy by participating in activities with my Sorors and attending meetings in Statesboro once a month. Luckily my mom and in-laws were only two hours away so if things got too hectic they were only a short drive and we could go home as often as we liked. My mom and mother-in-law definitely helped get us through that 15 month separation.
Life went on while the Hubs was gone. I started a new job and graduate school. I tried my best to keep the girl child and myself busy. Unfortunately, while he was gone I lost my grandmother. We tried to request emergency leave for him through the Red Cross, but since she was my grandmother and not considered a close relation he was not allowed to come home to attend the funeral with me. My maternal grandmother passed away when I was 15 so losing my dad’s mother hit me hard. I wasn’t able to grieve long because I had a daughter to look after and a household to manage so like always life went on.

The hardest part of this deployment for me was people telling me how grateful they were for my husband’s service and how brave they thought I was! Me and brave in the same sentence. That was certainly not something I was used to be called. I didn’t feel brave either. More often than not I felt very afraid and helpless, but if I haven’t learned anything else from my husband I learned how to suck it up and move forward.

The hubs came home for 18 days of R&R and it was pure bliss. The girl and I were so happy to have those few weeks with him, but again it was torture seeing him go. The rest of his deployment passed quickly. We frequently called and chatted via the computer so it wasn’t as difficult this time around. Before I knew it he was coming home! At the end of May 2008 he returned.

Just when we thought that the Hubs coming home was the best thing happening to us we found out (36 days after his return) that we were expecting! Talk about a pleasant surprise! True to form though, things were anything but normal. While deployed he was promoted to E6 which meant he was now an NCO which brought forth more responsibilities and sometimes longer hours. If that wasn’t enough we were on orders to PCS in December so there was much to be done in a short amount of time!
Luckily we were only moving to Columbia, SC so it wasn’t terribly far but trying to coordinate a move while pregnant was definitely interesting to say the least!

It is not a competition!

My husband and I are both pretty close with our families. We have 2 children which means our parents like to see their grandkids and often. When we lived in Georgia that was pretty easy to handle as we lived 2 hours from my hometown and 2.5 from his. It was really easy to make it to family gatherings or go home just because at a moments notice. Since moving to South Carolina going home has been a little bit more difficult. Now we are 3.5 hours from my husband’s parents and 4.5 from mine…while this isn’t a long trip it is more than we are used to and the kids tend to get restless after an hour or so.

Because of the distance our home visits are few and far between.  Being far away has been difficult as our families have become accustomed to us being able to attend family gatherings and now we have to pick and choose. Weekend trips are a possibility but when you leave on Friday and return on Sunday when you think about it the only day you have to spend with the family is Saturday.

Right now we have 2 family events coming up within in 2 weeks of each other figuring out the logistics and finances is actually kind of nerve wrecking. Do we go to one and skip the other? Do we skip both to be fair? Exactly how do you choose? We don’t want to make our families feel like we favor one over the other as we love our families, but its hard to make appearances and keep everyone happy.

 I think what makes this so difficult for me is that my folks seem to think it is a competition between them and my in-laws. If I mention to them we are going to my husband’s family’s house then I am bound to get a comment like “I haven’t seen my grandbabies is SO long” or “My grandson isn’t even gonna know me when he sees me.” Any response I could even think of giving to them seem to fall on deaf ears. You’d think as the years go by it would be easier but it seems to be getting worse and they take each visit as a personal affront.

I’d like to know how other couples deal with this issue especially if they live far away from their families.

Unchartered territory

As of yesterday I am officially a stay at home mom…. well hopefully ONLY until I give birth to our second child.  We’ve just experienced our first military relocation and in doing so I had to resign from my current position. Being that I am 7 months pregnant we figured I probably wouldn’t have much luck finding a new job right away sooooo I’m going to wait until after the baby is born to rejoin the workforce. I am hoping to not go completely crazy spending the next few months at home with my 3 year old which may prove to be extremely difficult as Baby Girl is very talkative. I mean VERY VERY talkative. She’s one of those kids that calls you 27 times and wants nothing at all OR she has a crazy question to ask and you as the parent have not a clue as to how to answer.

At the suggestion of a very respected blogger I’ve purchased the book Home Comforts, which is supposed to teach me everything and then some about all aspects of keeping house…. I will see how this goes, but I figure I may as well go all out. I’ve been trying to decide if I am going to be the good little wife and  mother by getting up every morning and preparing  a full breakfast for him and Baby Girl so they can have a hot meal… I will definitely try I guess it won’t be a big stretch since I do cook dinner, but again this is all new to me and not to mention I am NOT a morning person.  Somebody pray for me!!!

I’ve been challenged before and have come out unscathed; however I am not domestic in the least… sure I can cook and clean ya know the basics but I don’t know how those other moms out there do it and look so darn well put together in the process. You know the ones I’m talking about well pressed khakis, pearls, not a hair out of place, clean ,well-mannered children and it all appears to be so effortless.  This is going to be my biggest challenge to date!