Lost in Translation???

I have what I  feel is a personal relationship with God. I am not super religious or by any means a biblical scholar so there are things that I will admit I do not know, but I am attempting to find answers to my questions. I try to act in a way  I believe to be appropriate and not against His will. The operative word here is TRY…. and yes I know there is no try…. there is do or do not…. guess I shouldn’t quote Yoda in a post about religion, but hey like I said I am working on it….

A few days ago I was on Facebook and I saw a post where someone said something that amounted to we are missing out on blessings because of tv shows, movies and the music we choose to watch and/or listen to…. this is something that I found myself giving a little thought, because in MY mind I cannot imagine a God that wants us to only watch TV shows or listen to music that pertains to the Word. Now I might be wrong and I’m sure someone will correct me if I am. I can understand how certain things would be off limits, but to live a life that is so restricted does not compute. I’m curious to know if  this is a case where the person has taken the Bible too literally OR if they have misinterpreted something. I also thought back to a conversation with a friend years ago where she explained a young lady who decided it was necessary to avoid all things secular as she believed it would cause her to “back slide” so I wonder if this is the case with the person whose post I read.  Maybe its me and I am being to liberal in my thoughts.  I’m not sure, but this is something I’m interested in finding out.

Last night while catching up with an old friend I said something about my children and I referred to them as kids which then lead them to give me a lesson on why I should not use that word and the Biblical connections. To sum it up I was told in the bible God referred to his children as sheep and that goats (aka kids) were cursed so me using this term that I’ve learned from “man” I’m essentially cursing my children by calling them kids.  In this scenario I also asked myself  is this a situation where this person might be too rigid in their interpretation or is there some validity in their argument???

So friends… what do you think? Am I blocking my blessings because I enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy? Can I not enjoy moments of mindless entertainment? Should my television stay tuned into some type of Christian programming? Am I cursing my children because I sometimes refer to them as kids? Are we all just using God’s word in the way that benefits us most???