A Little Bit of Everything

“The day I became yours, you became mine.” That Carters commercial makes me tear up every single time.

Can I just say Shonda Rhimes had all of the Scandal fans in a tizzy last night. She is some kind of evil genius.

We are moving next weekend and I have only packed 5 boxes. Too bad this isn’t a PCS move so that we could just supervise the packing instead of doing it ourselves.

I miss the East Coast. El Paso is ok, but ummm yeah this is not the place for me or my family. The city is not diverse at all. I was able to visit Dallas over the summer…. I really enjoyed my time in the city. If we lived there I’m sure I wouldn’t be so ready to vacate Texas.

One of my best girlfriends is having a baby. She’s due in February. I hate that I live so far away, but I am hoping to get home to see her and the baby by early spring.

I just read a hilarious memoir. I was laughing out loud in bed and my husband kept giving me the stink eye. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson do yourself a favor and read it ASAP…. well that is if you aren’t easily offended because if you are just forget I mentioned it. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was also a great read but the ending SUCKED!!! I mean at the end I was like are you FREAKING KIDDING?!  The rest of the book was so good I can forgive her for the ending.

My brother might be moving to Germany for a few years. Definitely gotta visit!

Just got 2 follow requests from natural hair bloggers on Twitter. I hope they aren’t trying to recruit me!!!! The ONLY way I’d be natural is if I could rock my hair like CrystalBoo(she is basically rocking an Amber Rose) . I think I have a face for short hair but I don’t have the head to wear my hair like her so no haps! Oh yeah and with my pointy ears that wouldn’t be the move.

I finally got my phone that I whined about in my last post…. it is AWESOME! AT&T finally released the new Android OS this week so it is running Jellybean and I must say it made me love my G S III that much more.

I want some really good Chinese food. I have not been able to find a place here that can top the chicken egg rolls at Red Bowl Asian Bistro in Columbia, SC… those things were delicious!




In other news…

My 32nd birthday is fast approaching and I have nothing planned… not that I do much anyway. I never usually make a big deal out of celebrating. I am good with dinner and a new electronic device from the hubs… I am so easy to please! I have a few gadgets that I have been eyeing that I hope one of them makes their way over to 1270… they are

BlackBerry Bold 9700 (I got the Bold 9000 last year upgrade time, right?), The Nikon D3000 (not really holding my breath on this one because it is a bit pricey), and a flat screen tv for the bedroom preferrably a 26-32 inch (I mean the hubs has 46 inches of LCD HDTV loveliness for himself what about me??? LOL)


My husband and I are addicted to HGTV. Everyday we spend hours watching this channel and presently we aren’t in the market for a new home or any remodeling as we are renting our home while we are at a new duty station, but I guess it is a great way to plan for the future.