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I am extremely excited to announce on Saturday April 9th I will be posting a Q&A session with author and 21+ year military spouse Pamela McBride. Pamela is the author of The Mocha Manual to Military Life which is a must have for any military spouse, girlfriend, or new female service member. Pamela will be sharing her vast knowledge about navigating through the maze that is military life.


Pamela McBride, the creator of The Work-Life Diva Blog (  and author of Work It, Girl! (

and The Mocha Manual to Military Life, ( is passionate about coaching people to use their talents, skills, and abilities to get what they want. With more than 20 years experience as a career and personal development expert and a military family life expert, this 21+ year military wife knows the difference between working and working it.  She provides timely advice and a fresh approach to every audience, every time, and on many topics, including: self-assessment, career planning, job search techniques, networking & interview coaching, resume & cover letter writing, and workplace effectiveness.

Pamela shares her insight and advice through personal coaching, nationwide guest speaking engagements, seminars, extensive freelance writing online and in print, and television and radio appearances. She has written extensively for Operation Homefront Online, Essence Magazine, The Black Collegian, Upscale, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps Times and has several other advice columns. She is the owner of P.M. McBride Enterpises, LLC and the Military Spouse Job Search Expert at for

Although Pamela doesn’t consider herself a social media maven, she interacts with her readers, event participants, and clients, through Twitter (@PamelaMMcBride), on her Facebook Work It Girl Fan Page ( and her Working It Military Life Style Facebook page (  Pamela’s website is at

The Choir Director: A Review

Carl Weber is back and so are the members of First Jamaica Ministries…..


New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber takes readers back to church, where preaching isn’t always enough, nothing goes better with the Word than a song—and it’s time for some hard-earned lessons in love, brotherhood, and betrayal.Bishop T.K. Wilson has done all he can to make First Jamaica Ministries a success. But with his last choir director getting caught in a scandal, attendance and cash flow are down. To fill the pews and collection plates, Bishop is counting on a new choir director, the charismatic Aaron Mackie, to revive the church.

Aaron Mackie had been waiting his entire life for the opportunity to prove that he has what it takes to be a big-time choir director like Kirk Franklin. But while Aaron is more than up to the challenge, his ways around women, both past and present, could cost him more than his job.

Simone Wilcox is just one of the women who’s caught Aaron’s attention. She’s smart, beautiful and sexy, along with being a highly respected church trustee. She’s got her eye on the new choir director with the intention of having a lot more on him and she doesn’t plan on letting anyone get in her way.

First Lady Monique Wilson is far from being the typical first lady. She does and says what she wants, and doesn’t subscribe to church politics. Despite her shortcomings and a past rumored to include a long list of men, she’s willing to do just about anything to protect the Bishop.

The members of First Jamaica Ministries are also keeping the Bishop busy with choir in-fighting, romantic jealousies, and personal vendettas. You’d think the Bishop was being tested enough, but a final piece of the puzzle has yet to be revealed: Someone has been robbing the church blind. Someone whose connection to the Bishop is far too close for comfort. . .

I just finished Carl Weber’s The Choir Director and I keep asking myself how much drama is too much??? I am a Weber fan and I have been for several years. He never fails to deliver a tale that is intriguing and entertaining. His latest novel, The Choir Director, while not short on action, left me feeling a little conflicted when I finished. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something felt off this time around. For the most part I enjoyed The Choir Director, it was a quick and easy read, but at times it was very predictable. The newest member of First Jamaica Ministries, Aaron Mackie, was an interesting addition to his usual cast of characters in the church series and I must admit I would like to see more of him and also to find out how his new relationship blossoms with a certain someone.

I figured out early on who the “villain” was in the story, although the reason behind his great deception seemed a tad improbable in my opinion, likewise about the choir director’s so-called secret. There were a few too many secrets in this story when I think about it.  I was a bit bothered at how far removed the Bishop was from all that was going on in his church and right under his nose I might add. Although the Bishop is a major character he seemed to only have a small role in this novel while everyone else were center stage even though the controversy was largely about him.

Overall I enjoyed The Choir Director and I look forward to catching up with the members of First Jamaica Ministries again soon.

Sweet Little Lies: A review

Based on a review by my Twitter friend and trusted book critic Lisa from I added Sweet Little Lies to my to-be-read shelf on Shelfari. Friday as luck would have it, I had a few minutes to spend strolling through the stacks at the library and what did I see, but one of the very books I’d been meaning to read.

Description via

Christina Brinsley is that girl.You know the one: a little bougie, a little opinionated, knows it all, has it all, and is a total perfectionist. But Christina’s perfectly crafted world isn’t really so perfect. Her third engagement fizzled three days before the wedding, her family expects her to solve their problems, and her friends are more than a little bit out of control. To keep it all together, she dedicates herself to her work, because it’s the one thing that won’t let her down. But when her latest assignment leads her to sizzling hot professor Steven Williams, the one man who sees through her efforts to outsmart and outmaneuver her way through every situation, Christina can’t believe she’s falling for a man who may be a key player in the scandal she’s investigating….

Wanting to take a break from the heavy (domestic violence, dysfunctional family) books I’ve been reading lately, this evening I plucked Sweet Little Lies out of the stack of books I borrowed. I started reading around 7pm and I did not put it down until I was done a few minutes ago at 3 am. Honestly, I do not even know where to begin other than to say I really loved this story!

Michele Grant is a genius!!! She made me care about her characters, and for me that’s no easy feat. I can say without a doubt I am totally and completely in love with Steven! He is pretty darn close to perfect.  Christina I wanted to totally strangle a few times, but I even love her. Their dialogue was so fresh. I loved how they could have intelligent conversations and every once in a while slip into silly and sometimes slang laced chats.

This story was so balanced there was just enough romance, humor,  and intrigue to keep me interested. Several times I told myself to put the book down and I could finish in the morning, but I found that I could not go to sleep until I knew how the story ended. I seriously have not been this excited about a romance novel in a LONG time!

This was definitely time well spent!

My new favorite author

I bought Jen Lancaster’s Bitter is the New Black a while back during a small book buying frenzy in Target….I am not really responsible for my actions when I enter the Red Dot Boutique….the bright lights and pretty colors make me a little crazy…but I digress…. I started reading Bitter and initially I wasn’t into it so I put it down and ended up reading a couple of my other books also purchased during the frenzy.

As I mentioned before my line sister asked me and a few other Sorors to participate in her 40 book challenge and one day while discussing the books on our list of 40 Bitter came up.  I told the girls I had the book and had even started reading it, but hadn’t gotten very far. Lucky for me one of the girls had read the book and loved it. She told me I simply HAD to finish it because Jen was so funny and she knew I’d love it. I’m not one to give up on a book so easily so I said what the hell….

I started reading again and she was right I LOVED it. Jen’s sarcasm combined with her quick wit made for an easy read. I think I loved it so much because I could relate to her struggles when she was laid off since I was only recently back at work after over a year of unemployment.  I mean this book (to me) was seriously laugh out loud funny. I kept asking myself how in the hell did I not pick up on this the first time around??? At any rate as soon as I finished Bitter I had to read the second memoir Bright Lights, Big Ass. Once again Jen did not disappoint…coincidentally I was reading Bright Lights as I traveled to her city (Chicago) for my graduation. I was literally laughing out loud on the plane….good thing my seat mates were my sister and my husband otherwise someone would have been pissed.

About a week ago I went to the library and borrowed the next installment in her set of memoirs Such a Pretty Fat. True to fashion Jen made me laugh right along with her…

There are two books left Pretty in Plaid and the newly released My Fair Lazy which is good and bad. Its good news because it means I have two more books to read which will allow me to hang out with my friend in my head a.k.a Jen but it also means once I’m done I’ll have nothing else of hers to read until she releases another book….there is always her blog and Twitter but so far she hasn’t updated Twitter much since she’s on her book tour. So it seems I have myself a small dilemma… do I devour the next two books on the list or do I read one and space them out???

Darn you Jen Lancaster for being so funny and appealing to my random and often quirky sense of humor!