Christmas Eve Randoms…

Countdown to Christmas….

The girl is extra excited she’s been thinking every day is Christmas since last Saturday.

I am hella sleepy, but I know I have to go play Santa so no sleep any time soon.

Why are people so against letting kids believe in Santa? I’ve seen quite a few people complaining or criticizing those of us who allow our children to have a little bit of magic and innocence in their lives. To each his own, but don’t try to tell me how or what to do with my children…they have plenty of time to know about grown-up stuff.

Hard to believe its almost a new year…. 2010 breezed by.

The family will be moving again some time next year we are patiently waiting for our next duty station assignment.

My husband is forcing me to drink Riesling… it is making me sleepy…

I can’t wait to see my babies faces in the morning… they are going to be sooo excited.

Merry Christmas!!!