Missing you…

How do I describe my mood today?? Well my day started off okay nothing unusual.  I’ve basically been zoned out, ipod bumping and working furiously (for a change). I was listening to a little Beyonce and afterwards I decided to listen to Alicia Keys’ As I Am a few songs in Tell You Something (Nana’s reprise) comes on and everything kinda just goes downhill. As usual I start to think of my grandmothers and how they are no longer with me *cue the waterworks* hell I’m tearing up writing this now.

My mom’s mom died in 1992 she was 53 years old and I was 14. She’s been gone so long that sometimes its easy to forget and others I am acutely aware of her absence. My dad’s mom was with me a little longer, she passed away in 2007 just two weeks before her 74th birthday.  She got to meet my husband and daughter and for that I am forever grateful.

I’d really like to say more about them and how much they meant to me, but since I can’t stop crying in my cube to even begin to reminisce I guess I will stop here before my nosy neighbor comes over. I guess today was just one of those days.




Time flies when you’re having fun…

So I wrote this last week and forgot to post it… since a little birdie told me I haven’t blogged in a long time I thought I would publish this draft. I should also say umm… ma’am you haven’t blogged either…

Last week The Girl and the Hubs both had birthdays and since it was a holiday weekend he was able to fly home to spend a little time with us. Of course the kids were ecstatic to see their dad and I was not short on smiles either!

The weekend seemed to be a nonstop flurry of activity, but in reality we didn’t do a whole lot. Saturday we took family pictures which is something we haven’t done since the boy was 2 months old and now he’s two and a half! I must say the pictures turned out quite well and I was so glad that the kids cooperated long enough for us to get some great shots.

Later that evening we went out for dinner at this little Hibachi restaurant not far from where we live. We thought the kids would get a kick out of seeing their food cooked in front of them and we were right. After dinner we had to rush home so a certain someone could watch the UGA game… I won’t even comment on the outcome.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day until late in the afternoon when we decided to take the kids to the park and to Baskin Robbins for ice cream!  After we got home it seemed  as if the evening began to progress at the speed of light because before I knew it, it was time for bed.

Monday morning was upon us before we knew what hit us and soon we were on the road to take the hubs back to the airport. This was the first time the kids have gone with me to drop him off so needless to say it wasn’t a pretty picture. The Boy cried in spurts and The Girl silently cried into her tissue. At one point while we were driving she turned to look out the back window and was reaching back towards the airport. She nearly broke my heart. I was acutely aware of her pain because at that age too I was a daddy’s girl. My daddy was larger than life and something like a super hero who I loved to be around and I definitely see that in her. Eventually she calmed down and was pretty much back to normal, you know talking me to death!

This week is the halfway mark in the hubs training class so we have 9 more weeks to go… I hope and pray they go fast!