Why do I keep watching court tv shows knowing how much the people on them irritate me??

We Take This Man….

I’ve said many times before I love to read and honestly I’m not sure if love is a strong enough emotion to explain how I feel about books.  Since I was a child books provided an escape from reality.  At times I’ve become so engrossed in my reading that I feel like I am one of the characters or that I am at least levitating throughout the story watching it unfold and this proved to be no different while reading  We Take This Man.

In this story we meet Tracey and Dwight high school sweethearts who’ve been married 10 years,  have 2 daughters,  and they live in their dream home in Jacksonville, FL.  Everything changes when Dwight’s job transfers him to Maryland and his wife refuses to move because she feels she has waited too long to move into their home and she doesn’t want to leave their family. Tracey resorts to all sorts of childish games in the hopes of bringing Dwight home, which only pushes him further away.  This was an interesting read; however I found myself becoming increasingly irritated with Tracey because so much could have been avoided had she just moved with her husband instead of playing games with him. I’ve never been an advocate for trying to manipulate a man or a woman in a relationship to try to get what you want because people always soon find that it tends to blow up in their faces.


On my mind after midnight..

I really want to go on vacation

I’m not sure where I’d like to go but the NOLA and NYC are on my list

I’ve been staying awake super late so that I am alert when the baby wakes up but I end up sleeping half the morning

I am so hungry right now but I don’t want a snack I want FOOD

I’m thinking about taking my daughter out for a mommy daughter day but I worry she may be too young for pampering OR even worse that I may be creating a monster

I watched abc’s new show In the Motherhood… it was hilarious I hope it doesn’t get axed

I think I may be slightly addicted to adding books to my wishlist for my Sony eReader..

I am dying to try this recipe I have for chocolate cheesecake

I was dying to have the Blackberry Bold and now that I have it I kinda feel like ehhh whatever

I love gadgets

I’m a PC but I am seriously considering trying a Mac

My little brother has orders to deploy to Afghanistan in May I don’t want him to go

Just saw a commercial for Zac Efron’s new movie he’s too pretty to be a boy

I seriously need a manicure I keep getting hangnails for some reason

While I’m at it I probably should just go ahead and go to the salon as well

I am wide awake looks like I will be sleeping in again in the morning

Sheesh! my baby just pooped

I’ll remember you…

I was in the midst of sending a text message a few days ago and when searching for the recipient’s phone number I came across my sister’s name and I hesitated momentarily trying to decide if I should delete her name from my phone or if I should leave it as is.  Her info is still in my phone and I know deleting her from my phone won’t remove her memory but somehow it just feels not right, at least not now anyway.

They got me working working day & night

I’d all but forgotten the rigorous schedule of caring for a newborn; however my son has kindly put me through a crash course to quickly familiarize me of my duties. I don’t mind caring for him as he is a pretty mild-mannered all around sweet baby, BUT mothering a new baby is like a full-time job with 40 hours of overtime on the side. To add to my responsibilities I am also breastfeeding which keeps me attached to him literally all day long. I’m tired & sleepy hoping and praying that we’ll soon find our rhythm and get on some type of schedule that involves me sleeping for more than 2 or 3 hours at a time.

He was speaking to me

I was channel surfing, checking the guide when I noticed that Joel Osteen’s show was on and for some reason I felt compelled to watch and I am so glad I did.  His message for today was “Redeeming the Time.”  I didn’t see the entire broadcast but the portion I did see made me go a ha several times.  He spoke about not letting the sun go down on your anger and cherishing the time that we have left and that really struck a chord with me.  I have always been a person that values my alone time sometimes a little too much.

Recently my younger sister passed away and more than anything I wished that she and I had spent more time together.  We have different mothers so growing up much of the time I spent with my little sisters were over the holidays or if I came to town to see my Dad so needless to say she and I were not as close as she was to our other little sister.  In the last few years she and I had started to talk on the phone more and she would ask for my advice which really meant a lot to know she valued my opinion.  It was pretty devastating when she passed away and also a huge reminder of how much time  slipped away from us.  I am appreciative of the time we did have and I know I must focus on that, but this situation and Rev Osteen’s message has shown me that tomorrow is not promised and like he said we must make the most of the present.

Although I am a homebody to the depths of my soul I must absolutely make an effort to spend more time with my friends and family as to not spend the rest of my life regretting that I didn’t.