Back up off me!!!

Dear __________ ,

I know you mean well or perhaps you think you’re funny, but honestly you are annoying me! Yes I know I am ONLY 3 months pregnant and I also know that I am not really showing; however I know my body. Yes I am wearing roomier clothes because I want to be comfortable and I don’t particularly like wearing fitted shirts that are all up on my stomach and though it is only slightly protruding it really just looks like I have a gut right now which is not a good look in my opinion, you know the one that matters!!!

While I am on my soapbox let me go ahead and say this before you go there because guaranteed I am not going to be able to hold my tongue much longer and these hormones are a beast, refrain from telling me about what I should or shouldn’t be doing or how this is normal blah, blah, blah….. I have a board certified OB/GYN that I trust and pay good money to handle my care oh yeah and I have done this before!


So Inspired

I must confess I have never been much involved in the political process, sure I performed my civic duty and voted, but before now I have not been as engaged by a candidate and their family as I am right now. Last night watching the Democratic National Convention and listening to Michelle Obama speak I was in awe. Listening to this woman who has been vilified by the media I was trying to see this angry black woman they try to portray her to be and I just couldn’t see it! The only thing I saw was a supportive wife, protective mother and an extraordinary daughter. Forgive me for sounding cheesy, but watching this woman made me believe that like her I can make a difference. I honestly think Michelle Obama can be for the United States what Princess Diana was to Great Britian… if you don’t like the comparison OH WELL!!!!!! I cannot wait to call her First Lady.

Two pink lines…

There is a lot to be said for women’s intuition cause when I get a feeling (and I don’t ignore it) I’m usually on to something. So… my husband had been home all of about 36 or 38 days when something just kept nagging me. I kept telling myself I know I am not pregnant because he just got home (denial is a beautiful thing)… and on Wednesday I will get my cycle like clockwork. The little voice in my head kept saying “take a test” and I responded “it’s just Monday I have 2 more days and we will see.” Well the little voice kept bugging me until I finally caved.

I go to the back and take a test and hold my breath…. one line ok…. ummmm what the hell?? It’s faint, but its there a second pink line. I thought I might be hallucinating so I wrap it in paper towels and run to my coworker and show her and she just busts out laughing… “yeah girl it’s two lines.” I am in shock not because I didn’t think it could happen, but I just was NOT expecting it at all. OMG!

Since finding out it’s like my body has gone into overdrive or something. I’ve experienced cravings (potatoes), nausea, and worst of all sleeplessness. I have the most vivid, bizarre dreams when I CAN sleep and other times I am flip flopping like a fish out of water trying desparately to get comfortable and these days comfort is about as easy to come by as a $20K raise as a state employee. I am 8 almost 9 weeks along and my tummy already looks like it did when I was well into my third month with my daughter. My wonderful cousin just took a look at my budding tummy and told me I am going to be huge… thanks Cheryle!!!! The other member of my support team good ole Erica keeps telling me it’s twins…. if it is Lord have mercy on me!

This is not my first pregnancy, but it kinda feels like it is, because already it is SOOOOOO different from the first.