Sew what!

I keep saying I think I’d like to learn to sew and I’d really like to give it a try but I’m not very crafty at all so I’m afraid to dive in. 

My grandmother, Daisy, was a BEAST on the sewing machine! I absolutely loved  when she would make my Easter dresses. I also had a red cape with a hood and white lining she made for me that I cherished you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t Little Red Riding Hood when I wore it.

I found a lady via Pinterest,  Mimi G., who makes absolutely beautiful clothing. She has some amazing stuff on her blog. While I was on peeping around on her blog I saw her learn to section and I felt inspired BUT she said it took her about 9 years to get really good… So Ummmm….. I almost positive I have ADD so as much as I’d love to learn I’m afraid if takes that long it will probably be over before I could ever get started. A sewing machine is too expensive to abandon but I guess I could sell it on eBay… LOL!! Terrible… I know.

I need something to occupy my time while on the job hunt so this might be just the thing I need. Stay tuned….


Can you forgive someone who has wronged you,  but never apologized? If so do you forgive them in your heart and mind and move on or is it necessary to let them know you no longer hold a grudge?

A Little Bit of Everything

“The day I became yours, you became mine.” That Carters commercial makes me tear up every single time.

Can I just say Shonda Rhimes had all of the Scandal fans in a tizzy last night. She is some kind of evil genius.

We are moving next weekend and I have only packed 5 boxes. Too bad this isn’t a PCS move so that we could just supervise the packing instead of doing it ourselves.

I miss the East Coast. El Paso is ok, but ummm yeah this is not the place for me or my family. The city is not diverse at all. I was able to visit Dallas over the summer…. I really enjoyed my time in the city. If we lived there I’m sure I wouldn’t be so ready to vacate Texas.

One of my best girlfriends is having a baby. She’s due in February. I hate that I live so far away, but I am hoping to get home to see her and the baby by early spring.

I just read a hilarious memoir. I was laughing out loud in bed and my husband kept giving me the stink eye. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson do yourself a favor and read it ASAP…. well that is if you aren’t easily offended because if you are just forget I mentioned it. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was also a great read but the ending SUCKED!!! I mean at the end I was like are you FREAKING KIDDING?!  The rest of the book was so good I can forgive her for the ending.

My brother might be moving to Germany for a few years. Definitely gotta visit!

Just got 2 follow requests from natural hair bloggers on Twitter. I hope they aren’t trying to recruit me!!!! The ONLY way I’d be natural is if I could rock my hair like CrystalBoo(she is basically rocking an Amber Rose) . I think I have a face for short hair but I don’t have the head to wear my hair like her so no haps! Oh yeah and with my pointy ears that wouldn’t be the move.

I finally got my phone that I whined about in my last post…. it is AWESOME! AT&T finally released the new Android OS this week so it is running Jellybean and I must say it made me love my G S III that much more.

I want some really good Chinese food. I have not been able to find a place here that can top the chicken egg rolls at Red Bowl Asian Bistro in Columbia, SC… those things were delicious!




Lost in Translation???

I have what I  feel is a personal relationship with God. I am not super religious or by any means a biblical scholar so there are things that I will admit I do not know, but I am attempting to find answers to my questions. I try to act in a way  I believe to be appropriate and not against His will. The operative word here is TRY…. and yes I know there is no try…. there is do or do not…. guess I shouldn’t quote Yoda in a post about religion, but hey like I said I am working on it….

A few days ago I was on Facebook and I saw a post where someone said something that amounted to we are missing out on blessings because of tv shows, movies and the music we choose to watch and/or listen to…. this is something that I found myself giving a little thought, because in MY mind I cannot imagine a God that wants us to only watch TV shows or listen to music that pertains to the Word. Now I might be wrong and I’m sure someone will correct me if I am. I can understand how certain things would be off limits, but to live a life that is so restricted does not compute. I’m curious to know if  this is a case where the person has taken the Bible too literally OR if they have misinterpreted something. I also thought back to a conversation with a friend years ago where she explained a young lady who decided it was necessary to avoid all things secular as she believed it would cause her to “back slide” so I wonder if this is the case with the person whose post I read.  Maybe its me and I am being to liberal in my thoughts.  I’m not sure, but this is something I’m interested in finding out.

Last night while catching up with an old friend I said something about my children and I referred to them as kids which then lead them to give me a lesson on why I should not use that word and the Biblical connections. To sum it up I was told in the bible God referred to his children as sheep and that goats (aka kids) were cursed so me using this term that I’ve learned from “man” I’m essentially cursing my children by calling them kids.  In this scenario I also asked myself  is this a situation where this person might be too rigid in their interpretation or is there some validity in their argument???

So friends… what do you think? Am I blocking my blessings because I enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy? Can I not enjoy moments of mindless entertainment? Should my television stay tuned into some type of Christian programming? Am I cursing my children because I sometimes refer to them as kids? Are we all just using God’s word in the way that benefits us most???

What I’d Really Like to Say……

Ma’am we get it!!!!!!! You’re natural now…….do we REALLY need daily updates on what you did to your afro? Or what new product you made yourself, puchased from Carol’s Daughter, Miss Jessie’s, etc? Must you constantly post pics of your twists? You do realize for every one person who wants to take natural hair journey with you there are about 5 of us who do NOT? I am an advocate for people doing whatever they like to the hair growing out of their scalp and even the weave they’ve added, but for the love of all that is HOLY please please please stop filling up my Facebook feed with your photos!!!! Start a blog, phone a friend…. as long as that friend isn’t me!!!!!

*end rant*



Everybody knows there are 2 things in this world that I love and those things are books and gadgets. My friend Jerome often calls me Gidget Gadget… I probably should get a part-time job at BestBuy…… you know what…. terrible idea. I would never collect a check because it would all go back into the store!When Christmas rolled around my husband surprised me with the two latest electronics I’d been eyeballing for a few months, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket. I was super excited because I never expected to get 2 new toys. As soon as I could get the packaging opened I said goodbye to my beloved Blackberry and hello to the Skyrocket.

Now while I LOVE my new phone I do have one small complaint… it does not have Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0  OS). I have been not so patiently waiting for ICS since Jan to no avail. It seems like every day BGR, Android Central and the other blogs are announcing which carriers are rolling out the updates and which phones are receiving it… mine has not come up yet. AT&T cruelly sent out and update about a week or so ago but it was ONLY an update of Gingerbread… I have noticed minor changes, but not the major overhaul that I am expecting ICS to bring.

I do understand that the carriers want to test each build of the new OS for their phones before they release it, BUT that other side of me just wants my freaking update. I hate to be a phone snob, but I do believe my Skyrocket is far superior to some of these HTC phones that AT&T has updated. What gives AT&T???? I mean they do not even have a projected release date! I chatted with a tech support specialist from AT&T and all he could tell me was that I would be getting the update…. Sir, I already knew that!!!! He then goes on to tell me to check the blogs for update info… Again sir I already do that!!! How in the heck do you think I knew I was getting the update????  I feel like by the time they send it out to me they will start rolling out phones with the new rumored OS Jellybean and then I will be starting this vicious cycle all over again!!!!! Luckily when the hubs got me this phone I didn’t use my upgrade sooooooooo I do have the option to just go buy a new phone, but I like I said I love this phone…. and I think my husband might kill me! LOL!!!!

So on the off chance that someone from AT&T happens to come across this little ole post of mine please please please hurry up and release ICS for my phone…. my life depends on it! LOL!!!!!