Sew what!

I keep saying I think I’d like to learn to sew and I’d really like to give it a try but I’m not very crafty at all so I’m afraid to dive in. 

My grandmother, Daisy, was a BEAST on the sewing machine! I absolutely loved  when she would make my Easter dresses. I also had a red cape with a hood and white lining she made for me that I cherished you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t Little Red Riding Hood when I wore it.

I found a lady via Pinterest,  Mimi G., who makes absolutely beautiful clothing. She has some amazing stuff on her blog. While I was on peeping around on her blog I saw her learn to section and I felt inspired BUT she said it took her about 9 years to get really good… So Ummmm….. I almost positive I have ADD so as much as I’d love to learn I’m afraid if takes that long it will probably be over before I could ever get started. A sewing machine is too expensive to abandon but I guess I could sell it on eBay… LOL!! Terrible… I know.

I need something to occupy my time while on the job hunt so this might be just the thing I need. Stay tuned….

4 thoughts on “Sew what!

  1. Look just because it takes some people 9 years to get good, doesn’t mean that it will take you that long… Go for it… the worst thing that could happen is you mess up and no one has to know… Start with something simple like a tote bag… But just give it a try… Trust me it will be addictive and fun…

    • Thanks for the encouraging words! My hand eye coordination isn’t the best so I’m not even sure if I will be any good but I think I might give it a try!

      • Let me give you something to laugh at…. I wanted to make a jean jacket and I thought that I would be ambitious and put a lining on the inside… I get the jacket made with this nice lining in it I put it on… And my husband is looking at me and asks,” whats that shiny stuff on the back of the jacket? I take it off and I had sewn the lining to the wrong side of the jacket…Trust me you can do this… I’m going to follow you so I can see your progress…

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